alcon constellation operator’s manual

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Where do I send the manual for Alcon Constellation vision system?

Portable and mobile RF communications equipment can affect this medical electrical equipment. 8065751025 ix fConstellation Vision System Comments or corrections concerning this manual should be addressed to: Alcon Technical Services Group PO BOX 19587 Irvine, CA, USA 92623 All rights reserved.

Can I use Alcon turbosonics® tips with the constellation® vision system?

Alcon does not recommend the use of standard Turbosonics tips (1.0 mm) with the Constellation Vision System. 8065751025 1.15 fConstellation Vision System Diathermy Function To ensure safe operation of the Diathermy function, use only Alcon cables and accessories.

What is the output voltage of Alcon fconstellation vision system?

OUTPUT CONTROL SETTING Note: Maximum output peak-to-peak voltage is about 140V without resistive load. 1.20 8065751025 fConstellation Vision System PRODUCT SERVICE For product service, please contact Alcon’s Technical Services Department at the number provided below.

Is there a manual for the constellation V laser system?

the Constellation V ision System. The manual presents an or ganized summary of the operating principles, main components, safety features, and instructions for care and use of the instrument. interaction of laser energy with biologic tissues. No attempt is made in this manual to answer all the

What is a procedure pak?

Procedure Pak. Each pak contains the sterile single-use supplies necessary to perform one

What is the maximum load on an instrument tray?

The maximum allowable load on the instrument tray is 20 lb (9 kg). If the load

What happens after completion of self test?

completion of the self-tests, the system enters the setup screen.

How long to steam autoclave?

steam autoclave (at least 15 minutes). Never immerse in

What is combined surgery?

combined surgeries. It provides fluid aspiration and pressurized fluid (or filtered

When does each position lock in place?

Each position locks in place when the latch is released.

Can you use sterile packaging if damaged?

Do not use any of the contents if the sterile package is damaged in any way. In these cases,