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The Celebrity Constellation is even before the major Revolution overhaul scheduled in May 2020 anexcellent ship. Very stable,not too crowded and in very good condition. The staff is very,very friendly,no exceptions. Service onboard excellent. Trip was changed,start and finish in Dubai with extra sea days.

What are the reviews of the Celebrity Constellation?

1 – 10 of 1,727 Celebrity Constellation Cruise Reviews 1 Complete waste of money 2 Amazing Cruise despite the late changes to the Itinerary 3 Itinerary changed but still fabulous! 4 Top cruise, even before major overhaul 5 The ship may be tired but the overall experience outweighs that

Why choose constellation cruises?

Constellation, and the Celebrity line as a whole, attract older cruisers looking for an experience that offers value and a bit of luxury. In both price, quality of food and service, and general ambience, Connie strives to balance the intimacy offered by smaller ships and the leisure, entertainment and dining perks offered by bigger ships.

Is the Celebrity Constellation a good cruise for seniors?

We had an incredible lifetime trip aboard the Celebrity Constellation. My adult kids met a few people their age but generally speaking, this was definitely a cruise for primarily seniors. We felt pampered and treated very well by every staff member we encountered along the way. Great trip which we would recommend to anyone.

What is a celebrity suite on a cruise ship?

We were in a Celebrity Suite, which is basically just a veranda suite, but has butler service and access to the Luminae restaurant. Cabin steward and butler both very good and helpful, especially when the ship was rerouted and we had to change plans due to COVID. It was …

How many passengers does the Connie cruise ship have?

Very Good. Affectionately known as "Connie" by its fans, the 2,034-­passenger Celebrity Constellation debuted in 2002 as the fourth and final ship in Celebrity Cruises’ Millennium Class.

What can you wear to a buffet?

In the buffet, almost any form of dress is allowed except swimwear, flip-flops, spa robes and bare feet.

What age group is the most common for cruises?

Passengers are typically in the 40 to 70 age range, although it’s not uncommon to see some couples in their 20s and 30s – many enjoying honeymoons or a first cruise. Americans, Canadians and Europeans usually make up the largest passenger groups, though the mix can significantly change with the itinerary.

Is Celebrity Constellation a good ship?

The Celebrity Constellation is even before the major Revolution overhaul scheduled in May 2020 an excellent ship. Very stable, not too crowded and in very good condition. Read More

Who wrote "Change in itinerary but great cruise nevertheless"?

Change in itinerary but great cruise nevertheless! by eeckert

Is the 3Mark cruise good?

Great Cruise, Excellent Service, Some very nice places to see, although some were very far from the ship by 3Mark

Was the cruise of my dreams a good experience?

Perfect trip of my dreams ! It was a wonderful cruise , the weather was great, staff smiling & efficient, the food was very good, music enjoyable and we were never never at a loss for something to do. Thank you !

Was the cruise at the sea good?

The cruise was great despite encountering inclement weather. I enjoyed the fact that we were at sea for only one day and went to several ports of call which made it exciting and enjoyable.

Does Celebrity Constellation get emails?

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Is the itinerary on the ship good?

Itinerary was good. On board crew great . When ship is reburbished I am sure will be better especially if they improve dining room food.