family constellation exercises

Who is responsible for the constellations?

The astronomer Hevelius, responsible for many of our modern constellations, is also responsible for this one, which commemorates an exquisite sextant he used for his work but lost in a fire. It is a very dim constellation, the brightest star just brighter than the 5th magnitude. How to remember Sextans: A dim triangle with which to measure the heavens.

Why are the Southern constellations named?

Many of the southern constellations were named for the instruments and tools that helped usher in the age of scientific exploration . An air pump is useful for generating pressurized gasses and for drawing a vacuum.

What is the crab in the constellation of Hercules?

The classical story is that the crab was sent by Juno (Hera) to distract Her cules while he was trying to kill the Hydra, one of his twelve labors. You’ve got to wonder what she was thinking – Hercules simply smashed it with his foot, and went on to kill the Hydra. This is the faintest constellation in the zodiac, but it does contain the Praesepe, or Beehive. This star cluster can just be seen as a fuzzy patch with the naked eye, and is spectacular in binoculars and small telescopes.

What is the meaning of the constellation of Caelum?

Interestingly, there is another meaning for caelum – “the sky”. How to remember Caelum: Two stars make a straight line and resemble a chisel.

Why is the Milky Way compass important?

Milky Way Like the octant (Octans), the compass helped modernize the science of navigation and made long ship exploration possible. However, this faint constellation is difficult to see, especially in the background of the Milky Way.

What does Capella represent?

This constellation has also been referred to as the Ploughman. The bright star Capella represents a she-goat. One responsibility of ploughman and charioteers was the care of livestock, and Capella represents this. In some stories, Capella represents the she-goat that nursed or provided milk for the infant Jupiter when he was being hidden from the wrath of his father Saturn.

Why did Apollo turn the crow black?

Another says that the crow was originally a different color (some say snow white, others silver) and had a beautiful voice. He was once sent on an errand by Apollo to fetch a cup of water (Crater). Along the way, the crow was distracted by food and returned much later than he should have. As punishment, Apollo turned him black and gave him the terrible voice we know the crow by today. In addition, he set both the crow and cup near the Hydra with the order that the Hydra prevent Corvus from drinking (from the cup) forever. Finally, a third story says Apollo turned the crow black for being the bearer of bad news – in this case, it was the impending marriage of the woman Coronis to another man. Coronis was carrying Apollo’s child at the time (see Ophiuchus). How to remember Corvus: A trapezium of stars with a short “tail”, it sits adjacent to Crater, and on the back of the Hydra.

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