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How do I come to a family constellation workshop?

Family Constellations Workshops are online. In coming to a workshop with us. You may choose to come as a representative or observer for a lower fee or to do your own Constellation for a higher fee (suspended during covid).

What is the Family Constellation Approach?

The new approach to Family Constellation is less a therapy in the usual sense, as we move beyond the idea of improvement, but rather acknowledge the ’isness’ of life. Only then spontaneous growth becomes possible.

How can family constellation help you find inner peace?

Only in the depth of acceptance can we find inner peace and harmony. The insights of Family Constellation not only heal the individual, but also serve the healing of wounds between nations, religions and social groups. However, real peace begins in the soul of the individual.

What is family constellation?

The family constellation ViRTUAL workshops are for those who want to look at an aspect of their lives that causes suffering in any way and is a great step towards personal growth.

What is Maia’s attitude?

Maia has a flexible attitude of exploration that makes it easy to trust her instincts, and go for the journey, set up for enquiry, being confident that it will always be worth the trip. The resulting resolutions brought powerful and meaningful outcomes in every case.

How to confirm a Zoom workshop?

After booking a workshop, you’ll get a confirmation by email that includes the link to the event. The link will open the virtual waiting room on Zoom 15 min before the start of the workshop where the participants get ready to join the workshop.

How many constellations are there in one day?

Book in quickly as there are 6 constellations only in one day . You may come to do your own constellation or come as an observer or representative. Representative places are also highly valuable in assisting you in your own issues and a good experience for those who are curious about the process.

Why is family constellations important?

Being a representative in a Family Constellations workshop can help you gain insight and awareness into your own situation, relationships and emotions. Great insight can be gained.

What is family constellation?

In doing your own Family constellation or Business Constellation you will be able to examine the dynamics of your situation from an impartial position and allow healing of systemic and personal relationships to take place. You will see the bigger picture, which might involve other influences from previous generations that you may not have been aware of.

What to do after a short discussion with facilitator?

After a short discussion with the facilitator you will be asked to pick representatives of the people of the issue and place them in relation to each other.

Do you need a constellation for one issue?

All you need to get the most out of your constellation is a desire for change and a relatively small amount of time and money. For issues that are not too deep, normally all you need is one constellation for one issue.

Do everyone know their family history?

Not everyone knows all of their family history well. Don’t worry if your knowledge is limited.

Can great insight be gained?

Great insight can be gained. Many people report great shifts or awareness raising of their own situation from being a participant.

How many constellations are there in a family constellation workshop?

The workshop will include short overview, a guided visualization for the entire group and 3-5 Family Constellations. This workshop is appropriate to those who are new to Family Constellations and more experienced participants or facilitators. All participants pay the same price.

How much does Zoom cost in 2022?

COST: $350.00 US- Please pay $50 by April 1, 2022, to register for this course using PayPal, Venmo or check. The balance is due by June 1, 2022. You will receive your Zoom link to the first class after you register.

Why is spiritual protection important?

Energetic and Spiritual Protection is important for keeping all participants and the facilitator safe with good boundaries and healthy practices. Keeping appropriate boundaries is a key part of our protection against all levels of potential infection or danger to our lives.

Why do we need constellations?

With Family Constellations we can discover how to acknowledge this suffering differently and separate ourselves from it. When we can see family members or ancestors as distinct from us, we don’t need to share their fate. We can begin to live our own unique lives freed from burdens that were never ours. Family Constellations can also help resolve issues around our birth and attachment style with our biological parents.

Why is family constellation important?

Family Constellation can help us understand how we often share the suffering of family members and/or ancestors with whom we are entangled. These entanglements (or identifications) with family systems is a source of illness, emotional distress, problems in relationship, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Why do we use guided visualization?

After a lecture/discussion of the key concepts of protection we will use guided visualization to provide participants with new ideas and experience of a varied and complex approach to maintaining energetic and spiritual protections in a good way. This is even more important as we move into an online environment.

Who is appropriate for Family Constellations workshop?

This workshop is appropriate to those who are new to Family Constellations or more experienced participants of facilitators. All participants pay the same price.