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What is Family Constellations?

Family Constellations profound process is designed to work with human systems and systemic solutions for individuals, couples, family relationships and mental health and trauma. Yildiz Sethi provides a range of Family Constellations service. Family Constellations Workshops, Trainings and Private sessions,

What is a constellation and how can it help you?

connection in your relationships. Constellations helps you to take back your place in your family system, so you can live your life fully and be all that you are truly capable of being. What is a Constellation Useful For?

What is a systemic family constellation practitioner?

The Systemic Family Constellations practitioner course is the prerequisite for all further Systemic Training. Systemic Constellation training is a powerful methodology for relationships, changing patterns, mental health, (coming out of depression, anxiety, improving self-esteem) and recovery of sexual abuse and trauma.

Why choose Edwina for family constellation?

I have had the very good fortune of attending a number of ‘family constellation’ workshops facilitated by Edwina and have been very impressed by her skill, experience and compassion.

What is the purpose of the systemic family constellation?

The process facilitates a healthier reconnection to the love therein so as to nurture a sense of worthiness. Worthiness is at the core of self-esteem, the potential for happiness and success. The Systemic Family Constellation process may take place in workshops or private sessions.

How does the systemic family constellation work?

The Systemic Family Constellation process is an appropriate way to work with this pattern in assisting you to let it go, so that you don’t have to continue as a victim or perpetrator of sexual abuse. In particular the process is effective in allowing you to let go of the shame and guilt that is often part of the issue.

What is a systemic constellation?

Systemic Constellations are suitable for relationships, couples, family, behaviour, emotions, trans-generational recovery of sexual abuse trauma, and your sense of connection and worthiness.

Why do constellations merge?

A constellation can merge into the past to assist you in coming to a better place where you don’t have to reject or carry burdens and wounds from the past that aren’t yours to carry. This has the power to set you free in all aspects of your life.

Why is the Family Constellation process important?

The Family Constellation process is particularly useful for those who are descendants of major traumatic incidents of their family or culture.

Why do some people have a sense of guilt?

Each generation does the best it can and mostly with love and yet are often unable to hold or process their emotions and trauma. This is stored in the family system and felt by those who come after. This is why some of us are born with a sense of fear, sadness or guilt.

What is the state of mind that when in place indicates a balance of heart, mind and body and the ability to?

Wellbeing is a state of mind that when in place indicates a balance of heart, mind and body and the ability to create a healthy ratio of work, play and purpose. Many struggle their whole lives to find the missing link. The personal development industry attempts to meet this need with books and seminars.

Next Training starts January 10th 2022

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Systemic Family Constellations Training

Philosophy and practice for use in Groups/Workshops or Private sessions in becoming a Systemic Constellations therapist.

Systemic Constellation Foundation training Completion

All trainees that have completed the course will receive a certificate and may be listed on my Family Constellation website as Trained by Us so people in your local area may find you.

Personal Requirements for all Trainees

Most important is your inner state of personal development, wisdom and ability to look at new ideas and think outside the box.

Established Therapists

Completion of level one (Foundation course) enables established therapists to add it to your insurance straight away.

Doing Family Constellations with us you will receive

You will have opportunities for experiencing your own constellation throughout the training.

Teaching Style

The Constellation process may look easy, particularly when watching a highly skilled and experienced practitioner. However, such practitioners have the theory and practice etched very deeply into their being and so it flows fluently into action.

What is the responsibility of medical supervision?

For those under medical supervision it is your responsibility to disclose and discuss your situation on or prior to booking.

Why do we need family constellations?

Family constellations can help us understand those feeling and situations that we can hold but sometimes don’t make sense.

What happens if you don’t recognize patterns?

If we don’t recognise those patterns they can be difficult to change. If we recognise the pattern but are not aware of the dynamic that is causing the pattern, we are likely to go on repeating the pattern despite our attempts to change.

How many generations are there in the same body?

That means before you were even born, your mother, your grandmother, and the earliest traces of you were all in the same body – three generations sharing the same biological environment.

What happens when a family system is out of balance?

When this order is out of balance, a child has to grow up too fast and acts like the parent, or a parent never really grows up and acts like a child. These signs of a family system which is out of order can lead to many different emotions which can hinder the love to flow effectively within a family.

Who started Meetup Group?

I want to acknowledge and thank Kate Brinly who started this meetup group and wish her well with her new business and ventures. Click here for more details (

Can a medical practitioner accompany you in a workshop?

If you are being treated by a medical or clinical registered practitioner, then they can accompany you in the workshop, free of charge, to provide any additional support (if you need it). It is your responsibility to disclose and discuss any concerns prior to, or on booking.