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What is a helix piercing?

A helix piercing is any piercing at the upper cartilage of the ear. There are different kinds of helix piercings like the standard helix piercing with one hole, double, or even triple helix piercing. It is normal to get confused when planning to get your helix piercing done due to the countless designs and styles available worldwide.

What are constellation piercings?

A constellation piercing is a group of multiple piercings —usually three or four, but possibly more–that create a unique pattern on your ear, says Trisha Okubo, the founder and creative director of jewelry brand Maison Miru.

How long does a helix piercing take to heal?

At the time when the piercer is inserting the needle, you may become blank and may not be able to feel any pain. Healing of helix piercing takes time of about 12 weeks. Keep the same jewelry piece for all the healing phases as initially, you wore after getting your helix piercing.

Why are helix piercings so popular?

Helix piercings are in trend due to less pain that is felt at the time of piercing, its variety of jewelry designs and styles, and its location, away from the center of the ear, which makes it easier to heal without any disturbance.

What do you ask a helix piercer?

You have to be attentive at that time and tell the piercer the exact position you want your helix piercing for a lifetime.

Why should you be careful with a helix piercing?

Hygiene: You should be very careful with your helix piercing because touching your jewelry or the ear with wet, dirty, or infectious hands will transfer bacteria to your helix, resulting in a serious helix infection.

How do you know if you have a helix piercing infection?

Helix piercing infections possess some symptoms before catching heavy infection like extreme redness on your helix area, white or clear seepage dripping out of the wound, throbbing around the helix, visible swollen area, or feeling extremely irritated by the heat of the helix.

What do you use to make a hole in your helix?

Finally, the piercer will use a piercing gun or a needle to make a hole at your helix, and at this point, you may feel a little pain, which also depends on the way the piercer is inserting the needle.

How to keep a piercing clean?

The combination of salt and water is generally considered to be the best tried and tested technique for keeping any type of piercings clean and safe. It is mostly recommended to soak your piercing in water every day so that it heals completely. It is usually not recommended to use cleaners like alcohol and peroxide.

Where is the helix piercing done?

Helix piercing is liked mostly by people of every age due to its position in the ear, i.e., at the upper cartilage. It is done away from the center of the ear and thus remains entirely secure than other types of piercings. However, people can also make their designs.

What to ask a piercer about ear constellation?

We recommend talking to a piercing professional when designing your ear constellation. Remember to ask your piercer about the healing period, bumps or swelling , and cleaning routines before getting your piercing. Keeping up with your piercing aftercare is a must!

How long does it take for a rook piercing to heal?

For instance, an ear lobe piercing heals in about 6-10 weeks and a rook piercing heals in about 6-9 months. Both can be part of a constellation piercing. We recommend only getting up to 3 piercings at a time to help avoid any healing complications.

What gauge needle do you use for ear piercings?

To learn more about ear piercing types, check out Ear Piercings: The Complete Guide. Constellation Piercing Process: This piercing is typically performed with a 14, 16, or 18-gauge piercing needle. It depends on which piercing types you decide to get.

Why are piercing ideas different?

A: Piercing ideas and designs are different for everyone because they depend on your ear shape and the type of jewelry you choose. Sit down with a professional and design your ear constellation before going to get pierced.

What is the best jewelry for constellations?

If you wear jewelry that varies in size and shape, it can take away from the design or pattern and look messy. Hoop and stud earrings make the most sense in a piercing constellation so that the artist’s design can be seen easily.

Where is the constellation piercing located?

Constellation Piercing Location: This unique piercing consists of multiple piercings, including any ear lobe or cartilage piercings. There is no exact location for a constellation piercing. It’s up to you and your professional piercer to get creative and come up with a constellation piercing idea! The design of a constellation piercing can also depend on ear shape. To learn more about ear piercing types, check out Ear Piercings: The Complete Guide.

Can you get a rash from getting a piercing?

A: Having an allergic reaction to your body jewelry is a possibility, and could result in a rash, redness, bumps, swelling or pain. Contact a piercing professional and make sure that getting pierced is the right move for you. Be sure to discuss jewelry material options before getting pierced.

What is a constellation piercing?

Multiple piercings have been the rage for a while now, and constellation piercings are a specific, stylized version of the look. "A constellation piercing is a group of multiple piercings —usually three or four, but possibly more–that create a unique pattern on your ear," says Trisha Okubo, the founder and creative director of jewelry brand Maison Miru. "Like the constellations in the night sky, they’re designed to have a specific pattern or shape that complements your personal ear anatomy."

How much does a constellation piercing cost?

As far as jewelry goes, 14-carat gold costs more than titanium or stainless steel, which is something to keep in mind if you’re looking to save. At Studs, for example, services cost $35 for one piercing or $50 for two, and piercing jewelry costs $30 to $180.

How long does it take for ear piercings to heal?

According to Okubo, ear lobe piercings take around two months to heal, while upper ear piercings can take between three and 12 months. Because of this, may want to start slowly and only get a few piercings at once.

What kind of earrings do you use for a piercing?

When you first get pierced, you’ll have to use either solid 14-carat gold, implant grade titanium, or surgical stainless steel piercing earrings to minimize the chance of sensitivity or infection, but once they’re healed, you can swap them out to change up your look as frequently as you want.

Do you consult with a piercer before getting a piercing?

Always consult with your piercer. Since piercers spend a lot of time, well, piercing, they’ll have a good sense of what sort of shapes will work with your individual ear. "Consult with your piercer about your overall vision before getting pierced," Okubo.

Can you pierce one ear at a time?

Only pierce one ear at a time so that you’ll have one free side that’s comfortable to sleep on. "Constellation piercings are a project—like anything worth doing, it might not be done in a day," says Okubo. 3.

What is a Constellation Piercing?

A constellation piercing is basically a smattering of piercings along the ear lobe. When it comes to constellation piercings, placement and jewelry choice are important. "Constellation piercings are particularly arranged for the specific jewelry and look; they might not necessarily work if the jewelry was changed dramatically in style. For example, a staggered, wavy lobe constellation may look messy if the jewelry was changed to rings, as the placement is so specific," says Mitchell.

What Type of Jewelry Is Used for a Constellation Piercing?

Our little BVLA (Body Vision Los Angeles, our premium brand of precious metal body jewelry) Stars and Moons and planetary-themed jewelry is also very fun, should you wish to really commit to a space effect! I love using tiny diamonds and gemstones of varying sizes."

What are the side effects of a piercing?

Side Effects of Piercing 1 Pain and swelling: Most piercings are accompanied by minor pain and swelling. While it shouldn’t be cause for alarm immediately, see a doctor if it persists. "Any rash, bad odor, swelling, or pain, see your healthcare professional," says Sperling. 2 Infection: Any style of piercing comes with a risk of infection, which can range from minor to severe. To prevent infection, follow the piercing care instructions from your piercer to the letter.

How much does a stud piercing cost?

Inquire about price discounts for multiple piercings at once. For example, at the NYC piercing salon Studs, one piercing is $35 and two is $50, which is pretty standard pricing. The biggest variable should be the cost of the jewelry.

What effect can you use on a weird lobe piercing?

If you get a weird lobe piercing, or a placement you’re not happy with, a constellation effect can be used to cover it up. Mitchell says, "I have tidied up many non-ideal placements by creating patterns and pretty arrangements this way! It doesn’t need to be complex if the piercee does not wish to commit to a solid idea or want many, many, piercings—a small and delicate cluster or simple minimal placements can be just as stunning and effective than a whole ear-full."

What is the best material for piercings?

Titanium: This is a popular choice for many piercings as it is hypoallergenic and not likely to cause a reaction, though it can be on the pricey side.

Can you get a constellation piercing by happenstance?

While constellation piercings can come about by happenstance or by fixing an ill-placed piercing, they can also be deliberate. Nicole Mitchell, head piercer at Sacred Gold, notes that "they can mimic actual true-to-life constellations or shooting star-style formations, or also simply have a dazzling, yet minimal and somewhat understated pattern and effect." If you’re tempted to get a series of constellation-inspired piercings and want to know more about the trend, get the answers to all our burning questions below.


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