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What are some minimalist tattoo ideas for Libra?

Another minimalist tattoo idea is to get Libra’s flower, a rose, with its astrological glyph above it. It’s dainty and delicate without being overly simple or on the nose. Leave the galaxy behind and bring your favorite flowers into the mix by getting a floral constellation tattoo.

What Constellation has the most popular tattoos?

Libra Constellation: Another popular tattoo type of Libra is the popular Libra constellation that consists out of four stars, which is less than other constellations. Needless to say, only one of the four stars stands out in its brightness, while the others appear more faint.

Where to place a Libra tattoo?

You can place a Libra tattoo anywhere that you like. However, depending on the design and size of the tattoo there are particular places where a tattoo looks more appealing than other. For small tattoos, Libra symbol, and mini art the best placements are:

What are the most common Libra tattoos among men?

If you were born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22 who love balance and harmony and born under the Libra zodiac sign then you will love these stunning Libra tattoos that we have collected for you. Most common Libra tattoos among men are the Libra symbol. Want to see more Libra Constellation Tattoos?

Libra Constellation Tattoo Geometric

If you are born into the Libra zodiac astrology sign, there are many tattoo designs to show off this zodiac design in your body. In this Libra zodiac tattoo, there are many other elements apart from the constellation tattoo. The star constellation of the Libra sign is at one end of the inked tattoo.

Libra Goddess Tattoo

If you want to add a feminine Libra element to your Libra tattoo, the lady of divine justice is the suitable tattoo design. In this Libra symbol tattoo design, goddess Themis is seen holding scales in her hand. The goddess occupies the centre of the tattoo design, grabbing all the attention.

Libra Star Constellation Tattoo In Fine Lines

If you want a Libra constellation tattoo with Sun and Saturn, these types of constellation tattoos are a great way to do that. In this Libra constellation tattoo, the constellation is done in fine lines. It is almost as if the tattoo is fading, making it a great way to ink if you want a tattoo that is not too flashy.

Constellation Libra Tattoo With Moon

Among various Libra constellation tattoo designs, adding a Moon symbol and the constellation will make great tattoo designs. The crescent Moon represents life and death in a spiritual sense. The zodiac sign is a birth sign. Adding both these symbols together is all about finding a balance between life and death.

Libra Constellation Tattoo Design & Cross

Let us change a little bit from the Libra constellation into a geometric design. This Libra tattoo has a geometric method to ink your wrist. A Libra woman can get her wrist inked with these Libra tattoos. The geometric design is done in the shape of a cross.

Libra Zodiac Tattoo With Cat

We usually find goddesses with scales in Libra tattoos. But here, a cat is looking sleek with the scales in her outstretched claws. The ranking serves as a Libra symbol. The scales represent the balance of the world. To make it cute, a beautiful cat is holding the scales.

Simple Libra Zodiac Sign Wrist Tattoo

Libra is all about balance. The zodiac symbol represents this balance. What better way to get a wrist tattoo than this zodiac symbol. This wrist tattoo has a tiny zodiac symbol of Libra inked on Libra women. The Libra symbol has scales as the sign. The balance, equilibrium, and justice are shown through this zodiac sign.

Libra symbols and elements explained

The zodiac symbol is not your sole option when getting a Libra tattoo. Here are the Libra elements to inspire your ink.

Libra symbol and constellation tattoos

I am in love with this stunning Libra tattoo at first sight. The saturation and color choices are on point. And it takes a different approach to include the scale element. The neon Libra symbol on the forehead highlights the entire piece.

Unique zodiac tattoos for Libra women

Looking from afar, this leg tattoo is purely gorgeous. The shades and highlights are well-executed, giving the entire tattoo an airy feeling. And the scale looks just like her crown, identifying the tattoo owner as a Libra without overdoing it.

Bold Libra tattoo ideas for men

The juggling between feelings and logic reflects a Libra’s struggle. I also love how the heart is bleeding out of wounds but still weighs the same as the brain.

What does a libra tattoo represent?

Libras seek the truth and unification with nature. With that in mind, libra can also represent love, peace, balance, honesty, and the positive energy.

How much does a libra tattoo cost?

The smallest libra tattoos with the most minimalistic design can cost anywhere from $30 to $50 in the budget-friendly range, up to several hundred dollars if you’re springing for a more difficult tattoo design on the market. Large back tattoos of a more abstract Libra character could even cost you well-above $1,000 in more popular tattoo studios.

What is the 7th zodiac sign?

Libra is the 7 th Zodiac sign, and quite popular because there are different types of the tattoo and ways to ink it on your body. Libra that is often described as a goddess holding the scales in her hands has always symbolized equilibrium and balance. But there’s much more to the whole tattoo concept than just that.

Why do people get libra tattoos?

One of the key reasons people get the Libra tattoo is because of the zodiac sign that reigns from September 23 rd to October 22 nd. It’s the 7 th sign of the Zodiac, represented by the air element. Other air elements besides Libra include Gemini and Aquarius.

Why do libra scales have one hand?

Where the Goddess of justice holds the scale in one hand to show the justice being satisfied and the balance is achieved.

What is the meaning of libra?

People born in the sign of Libra are social, extroverted, creative, innovative, and oftentimes carefree. They are easy to fall in love with and give themselves in their entirety.

What is the personality of a libra?

Being extroverted, Libra individuals have an easier time finding friends. They feel comfortable with other people and possess impeccable communication skills that make them more convivial compared to other Zodiac signs. They will make anyone respect them thanks to their rationality when it comes to making important decisions, and finally being just and righteous, always looking for the ultimate truth and sincerity.

What is the flower tattoo for a libra?

Another minimalist tattoo idea is to get Libra’s flower, a rose, with its astrological glyph above it. It’s dainty and delicate without being overly simple or on the nose.

How often does Libra season come?

Libra season only comes once a year, but this air sign deserves attention 365 days with a thoughtful tattoo.

How to show off your tougher side?

You can show off your tougher side by exchanging the traditional scales for a sword. But, for a mix of soft and hard, a collection of roses going up the blade shows that you’re still soft at heart.

When is libra season?

Libra season runs from Sept. 23 to Oct. 23, so you’ve likely been feeling invigorated and excited about the future. It also means that you have plenty of time to make your next tattoo appointment. As this star sign’s all about balance and harmony, you’re going to want a dynamic tattoo that flows perfectly with your aesthetic and body.

What zodiac sign is a libra?

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac and one of the three zodiac air signs.

What does a libra tattoo mean?

Libra tattoos represent the characteristics of Libra which are loyal, inquisitive, balanced, responsible, altruistic.

Why do people get zodiac tattoos?

People who believe in Astrology often like to get a zodiac tattoo to represent themselves and identified by their Astrological signs. Zodiac signs are the relationship between celestial phenomena and human activities that explain peoples’ personalities and can be a great guide to healthy relationships.

What does a libra do?

Intelligent, kind, and always willing to put others before themselves, Libras value harmony in all forms. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Libra adores a life that looks good.

What does the libra symbol represent?

Libra Symbol. Libra symbol represents the scales of balance. The scales are associated with the Scales of Justice held by the Greek goddess Themis. Libra is the sign of justice, balance and harmony. The Libra glyph itself is a bit reminiscent of the Egyptian Ankh.

Where should I put a libra tattoo?

For small tattoos, Libra symbol, and mini art the best placements are: Neck. Wrist. Fingers.

What does the loop on the top bar mean?

The loop on the top bar is symbolic of the sun and the bar itself is symbolic of the horizon. This is a highly balanced expression of the sun and the horizon representing the sunset and sunrise, which is the state of “in-between”.