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Lyra constellation
Lyra constellationlies in the northern sky. It represents the lyre,a musical instrument with strings used in antiquity and later times. The constellation is associated with the myth of the Greek musician and poet Orpheus.

What is Constellation Theatre Company?

Constellation Theatre Company tells big, powerful stories in an intimate space. Theatre Tickets. google-site-verification=ye_lCxMZD4N83x5XzlU2xz8hRcFdgE9E08yxddufiQ4 197799254151260 SHOWS PRODUCTION HISTORY FROM THE STARCHIVES ABOUT COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN MISSION VALUES ANTI-RACIST WORK STAFF AWARDS WORK HERE DONATE

What is constellation stage & screen?

Constellation Stage Screen aims to have a deep and lasting impact on our community and region through our IU Credit Union Education and Outreach Initiative. Check out our current class offerings and student matinees here! Constellation’s film program brings the art of filmmaking to Bloomington, and beyond!

What is constellations by Nick Payne about?

Nick Payne’s beautiful play, Constellations, explores how even the smallest change in our lives can dramatically alter the course we take. It is a spellbinding exploration of love, science, quantum theory, and infinite possibility for heartbreak or for hope. Sign up today to unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities.

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