nozomi constellation

nozomi constellation插图

What did Nozomi say about µ’s?

Nozomi: You might laugh at me and say that I’m exaggerating… but I’m so happy right now that I could cry. Nozomi: ‘s, which we made together, the songs we made together… We produced something so precious. Nozomi: Ehehe, I feel like we could do anything if we were all together. Nozomi: Ah… It’s starting to snow.

Is the Nozomi covered by the Japan Rail Pass?

The Nozomi is the only shinkansen train service not covered by the Japan Rail Pass. There are four models of Nozomi currently running: the 300-, 500-, 700- and N700 series. The N700 series is the latest, and has electrical sockets in all Green Car seats, and in the window seats and end-of-car seats of the ordinary cars.

What does Nozomi say when you call her out?

Nozomi: Sorry for calling you out here on such a cold day. Nozomi: I wanted to see the decorative lights with you. It’d be lonely by myself, but that wouldn’t be the case together with you. Nozomi: …Hehe, the tip of your nose is red. How cute. ? Nozomi: It’s cold… but the lights give off a warm glow. They’re filled with happiness… ☆

What did Nozomi say about the Taisho era?

Nozomi: *Snicker* When you think about it like that, I feel like we wouldn’t be much different from the way we are now. Nozomi: What about my Taisho era self?

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お?なにかプレゼントが届いてるみたいよ~? (When there are available presents)
Oh? It looks like there’s a present for you.


あけましておめでとう! 一年のはじまりやし、神様にご挨拶に行こうか (New Year’s Day; January 1)
Happy New Year! It’s the start of a new year, so let’s pay the gods a visit.