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How many Orion Hunter belt constellation tattoos are there?

Orion hunter belt constellation is one of the most recognized and most popular constellation around the globe. You might get surprised but scientists found 38000 years old carvings of Orion belt constellation in caves. Here we present you 50+ Orion hunter belt constellation tattoo designs and ideas with meanings –

What Constellation tattoo should I get?

Orion constellation tattoo as any other constellation tattoo is a perfect choice for a minimal tattoo. Orion is the 26th largest bright constellation and is located on the two sides of the heavenly equator. It is best known for its three stars in one row. It is one of the most romantic objects of the northern sky.

What are the best tattoo designs for your zodiac sign?

Tattoo masters also consider constellations as good design material to their masterpieces which a lot of people dig in. Some of the most popular constellations inked on skin are the Orion’s belt, the big dipper, and the zodiacs Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

What is the origin of the Orion tattoo?

The Babylonians worshiped Orion as a God that created the gemstones. According to the Greek myths, Artemis fell in love with the Orion. But his brother became jealous of their love and sent a scorpion to kill the Orion. As you see, you can either have a small or a bigger version of Orion tattoo. So, the placement depends on the size of your tattoo.

What is the most popular constellation in the world?

Orion hunter belt constellation is one of the most recognized and most popular constellation around the globe. You might get surprised but scientists found 38000 years old carvings of Orion belt constellation in caves.

What is the best tattoo for a science geek?

ASTRONOMY – If you are a science geek who loves everything about space and universe then Orion tattoo is one of the best choices for you.

What is the Orion nebula?

Orion Nebula –. A nebula is a cloudy formation of hydrogen, dust, Helium and several ionized gases. The Orion nebula is not visible from the naked eye but it exist near the middle of the sword of Orion. Many tattoo lover opts for Orion Nebula tattoo instead of Orion belt or Orion constellation tattoo.

What does the Orion symbol represent?

PROTECTION – As Orion constellation appears like a swordsman therefore the tattoo can also represent protection and courage. Athletes and MMA fighters can use this meaning for their tattoo.

What constellation did Artemis call the constellation Orion?

After his death, Artemis aligned the stars in the form of her lover and called the constellation as Orion’s Belt . She stated that the Orion belt would be the brightest constellation in the night sky that would be visible from any part of the world.

How many stars are in the Orion belt tattoo?

In such design only three stars (of Orion belt) are inked. Orion Nebula Tattoo – A watercolor nebula tattoo will always look beautiful. However, Placement will play a key role in the success of this design. Orion the Hunter Tattoo – Instead of the stars you can opt for Orion the hunter tattoo from Greek Mythology.

Why do people get constellation tattoos?

Millennial are loving tattoos of stars and Orion constellation tattoo on their body. One reason is because they feel connected to the universe at a spiritual level.

The Massive Orion Constellation Body Art

The first one to top the list has to be a cool and massive Orion constellation on the side of rib cage. This cool body covers the entire space without actually covering anything. Orion constellation itself is synonymous with minimalism in the tattoo industry.

The Orion And The Wave Tattoo

If you are not happy with just the Orion constellation and want to add something, you can add waves in your tattoo design to complete the look of a perfect night sky. Such designs look good on forearms.

The Star Embedded Unusual Orion Tattoo Outline

The first thing to notice in this tattoo is that the iconic three-star Orion belt is missing. People who are particularly astronomy geeks may not opt for it; but if you like the structure of Orion outlined with dots as it is in this tattoo, you can definitely go for it.

The Cool Minimalist Orion Tattoo With Geometric Border

When it comes to the very basic Orion tattoo designs, a cool geometric border around them makes the tattoo more visible. Look how the lines are drawn within the Orion constellation that links all these seven stars together where none of them is similar.

Orion Constellation Tattoo On Chest For Bold Women

If you are a woman and if you are confident enough to show off your skin, a tattoo on your chest can be a good choice. Men too can ink this one on their bodies. Constellation tattoos associate with leaves and flowers is an interesting choice. This tattoo is a symbol of love and healing with the lavender around it.

The Rigel Defined Orion Tattoo

Rigel is the brightest star among all the seven stars of the Orion constellation. It is located at the right side of the bottom of the constellation as the hunter’s right leg. This supergiant in black ink in this tattoo is shown drawing all the attention towards itself whereas the smaller stars are denoted by a secret mole tattoo pattern.

The Classic Orion Constellation Tattoo Idea For The Budding Astronomer

This one is a classic Orion tattoo for the ones who love stargazing and want to get one constellation tattoo on their forearms. Their objective is clear; simple and definite; without any drama. It does have any other figures or designs but a clear idea of the constellation with all the major seven stars in their right positions.

Why is it possible that the Egyptians paid attention to the Orion constellation?

It seems like an entirely possible thing because the Egyptians paid a lot of attention to the stars. They also believed that Osiris and the pharaohs enter the Orion Constellation after death.

What constellation is tattooed on chest?

Beautiful Orion constellation tattoo on the chest with the nebula in the background. Artist unknown. Source.

Who is the artist of the Orion tattoo?

Orion Tattoo on the forearm. Artist Jarvis Hinson. Source.

Who is the son of Poseidon?

On the Greek mythology, the Orion was a son of the Poseidon and Euryale. He was a giant and could walk through the sea because his head was above it.

Who did Artemis love?

According to the Greek myths, Artemis fell in love with the Orion. But his brother became jealous of their love and sent a scorpion to kill the Orion.

What constellations are there in tattoos?

There are almost 88 constellations that are majorly identified. So there are Orion’s Belt, Ursa Major, Cassiopeia, Canis Major, Cygnus, Lyra, Scorpius.. and well, you get the idea. So even if you do not believe in horoscopes, chances are constellation tattoos will still attract your attention. As a matter of fact, you do not need to know about horoscopes for such tattoos, just keep your mind open to new things.

What does the constellation symbol mean on a tattoo?

You can also interpret this meaning or symbolism to your tattoo and have a constellation symbol to guide you through the many blockades in life by illumining your path.

What is the Aquarius constellation tattoo?

Aquarius Constellation Tattoo. This constellation is for the Aquarians. It also incorporates the birthdate and the constellation name arranged in a calligraphic style.

What does a constellation ink on your body mean?

And so in contemporary days, having a constellation inked on your body can suggest that you will always find your way back despite where life might take you. This metaphor is very popular with marines when they are out in the sea for many months.

What does the blue ink on the constellations represent?

These designs are so funt o look at. The constellations are bordered by fun looking blue ink which represents the elements related to them. The arms are a great placement option for something like this which is fun and not monotonous.

Why do people get tattoos?

People are social beings that need family and intimate relationships for life to be exhaustive. Having these tattoos can express that you know the essence of your family and friendship ties and that you appreciate them.

Do constellation tattoos reflect personality?

The elements that you combine will totally reflect your likes and dislikes and personality. Constellation tattoos have been in vogue for a long time now that even celebrities like to get them. With the advent of technologies, many alterations can be done to the existing simple patterns.

What constellation is tattooed on wrist?

A wrist tattoo of an Aquarius constellation tattoo made with different flowers

What constellation is on the right calf?

An Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) constellation tattoo etched on the right calf

Why do people tattoo constellations?

In the old days, people used the night sky as their compass. They would use constellations to find their way back home. The light that the night sky gives also helps travelers back in the old days to find their right path in order to go home or to a different location. And so today, people see constellation tattoos as a representation of the idea that you will always find your way back home no matter where life might take you.

Why do soldiers get constellation tattoos?

This is probably because of the idea that it is where soldiers, when out in the field, get their hope to go back home alive after the war.

What is Cassiopeia’s name?

It is named after the vain queen in Greek mythology who boasted about her unrivaled beauty. Regardless if you’re referring to the queen in the mythology or the constellation, Cassiopeia is indeed too beautiful not to ink. Take a look at these ideas.

What constellation is May 21 to June 21?

A Gemini (May 21 to June 21) constellation paired with an astrological glyph tattooed just below the nape

Where is the Cassiopeia tattoo?

A galactic watercolor tattoo of the Cassiopeia constellation placed on the right shoulder cap