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Where is parallel imported North Shore mega store?

Parallel Imported North Shore Mega Store, 2/70 Parkway Drive, Constellation Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland: map, phone number, website, opening hours Parallel Imported North Shore Mega Store, 2/70 Parkway Drive, Constellation Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland – Zenbu New Zealand(NZ) My Account

Where can I find New Zealand’s largest parallel importer?… We are New Zealands largest parallel importer. We carry the biggest range of mobile phones, fragrances and car audio in New Zealand.

What is the parallel imports scheme and who is eligible?

The parallel imports scheme is only open to vehicles built in right-hand-drive that are less than 12 months old, with fewer than 500 kilometres on the odometer. The cars can only be sourced from Japan and the UK for now, though other right-hand-drive markets could become eligible in the future.

Who Are We?

We are New Zealand’s premier Parallel Importer, having been in business for over 15 years and we carry the largest range of Mobile Phones, Car Audio and Fragrances in New Zealand. We buy direct and sell direct to ensure you get the best possible price and we back that up with full warranties and a dedicated, New Zealand based service department.

Experience You Can Count On

With a dedicated web and store team, Parallel Imported boast some of the most experienced and knowledgable staff in New Zealand. Always learning and always listening to our customers makes for a buying experience unmatched in New Zealand. We pride ourselves on delivering the finest customer service possible both before and after you buy from us.

Our Stores

Auckland, North Shore Megastore. Constellation Drive, Albany. Ph: 09 476 7413 Email us at [email protected]

What cars are not sold in Australia?

Many new cars not sold in Australia such as Honda’s S660 roadster and Civic Type-R hatch, Subaru’s full-fat WRX STI S207, and the Nissan GT-R Nismo will soon be available to savvy buyers.

What is parallel import?

Parallel imports are goods introduced into a country outside its conventional sales network. In Australia, local importers are currently protected by laws preventing people from sourcing new cars outside official channels, but from 2018 buyers will be allowed to bypass dealers – and local importers – by sourcing cars from overseas.

What happens if a seller is based overseas?

If the seller is based overseas, the ACCC says "there may be practical and legal difficulties in enforcing your consumer guarantee rights against an overseas business".

What is LCT in the car industry?

Car industry insiders say the LCT is an anomaly within the taxation system, slugged onto car purchases but not other ‘luxury’ items such as yachts, jewellery or art.

Do you need a third party warranty for a car?

Instead, buyers will need to purchase a third-party warranty through an insurance company. While vehicles imported via the scheme are set to go through a mandatory inspection to protect consumers from vehicles that are stolen, re-possessed, written-off or incorrectly repaired, there are no guarantees.

Does Porsche’s parallel import plan affect used car values?

Porsche says the parallel import plan could also affect used car values and that naive buyers may not understand differences between local and global cars.

Can you buy a parallel import if you are written off?

Beyond this point, the owner will then have to do their own ground work to find a suitable third-party repairer and source the correct parts. Individual parties are limited to one parallel import every two years, so if a vehicle is written off, there could be potentially lengthy waits before you are legally allowed to purchase another parallel import.