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What is the Teapot constellation?

The Teapot is an asterism in the western part of the constellation. It’s best viewed during the evening hours from about July to September. Best of all, when you’re looking toward the Teapot, you’re also looking toward the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

Is Constellation Brands the best bet in the global cannabis market?

While many big companies such as Anheuser Busch InBev NV ( BUD) and CVS Health Corp. ( CVS) are rushing to profit from the fast-growing global cannabis market, Fortune 500 giant Constellation Brands Inc. ( STZ) — seller of spirits, beer and wine — may be the best positioned to profit from the burgeoning market.

How does constellation compete with other energy suppliers?

In deregulated energy markets, Constellation competes with other energy suppliers over the price of the electricity and natural gas. This competition allows customers to compare energy rates and plans, and helps keep energy costs as low as possible.

What is the best constellation in the sky?

Orion, the Hunter, is one of the best known constellations in the sky. Home to Orion’s Belt, the Orion Nebula, and the bright stars Rigel and Betelgeuse, the constellation lies north of the celestial equator and is visible from both hemispheres.


The body of the Teapot is formed by the stars Kaus Media (Delta Sagittarii), Kaus Australis (Epsilon Sagittarii), Ascella (Zeta Sagittarii) and Nanto (Phi Sagittarii).

Deep sky objects

The Teapot can be used to find a number of notable deep sky objects – clusters and nebulae – located near the eight bright stars and in the rich, dense Milky Way field just to the northwest of the asterism. These include:

Galactic centre

The galactic centre lies in the direction of Sagittarius and the Milky Way is at its densest in this region of the sky. The galactic centre, the rotational centre of the Milky Way, lies at an approximate distance of 25,000 to 28,000 light years from Earth.

Facts, location and map

Orion is the 26th constellation in size, occupying an area of 594 square degrees. It is one of the 15 equatorial constellations. It is located in the first quadrant of the northern hemisphere (NQ1) and can be seen at latitudes between +85° and -75°. The neighboring constellations are Eridanus, Gemini, Lepus, Monoceros and Taurus.

Orion mythology

In Greek mythology, the hunter Orion was the most handsome of men. He was the son of the sea god Poseidon and Euryale, the daughter of King Minos of Crete. In Homer’s Odyssey, Orion is described as exceptionally tall and armed with an unbreakable bronze club.

Major stars in Orion

Rigel is the brightest star in the constellation. With an apparent magnitude of 0.18, it is also the sixth brightest star in the sky. Even though it does not have the designation alpha, it is almost always brighter than Betelgeuse, Alpha Orionis. Rigel is really a star system composed of three stars.

Deep sky objects in Orion

The Orion Molecular Cloud Complex, or simply the Orion Complex, is comprised of a large group of dark clouds, bright emission and reflection nebulae, dark nebulae, H II regions (large clouds showing recent star forming activity) and young stars in the constellation Orion. The Orion Complex is between 1,500 and 1,600 light years distant.

Who is Constellation?

Constellation Cannabis is a tier 3 producer/processor based out of Arlington, WA. Although they have a tier 3 license, they’re currently operating closer to a tier 1-2. Small batch craft cannabis is their focus with strong aromas and clean highs.

Aligning the Stars

By chance of luck, fate, whatever, Bailey and Jeff were attending a Seattle Sounders game and happened to meet Jay also known as @headhunterextracts_ online. Jay has been making solventless hash rosin and six star bubble hash long before the plant was legal.

Clean hash for the connoisseurs

The proof is in the price. Great things don’t come cheap. The biggest difference between rosin and BHO/PHO (butane/propane hash oil) is the amount of resinous flower needed to make the product. So many companies produce BHO because it yields a lot more concentrate. This is great for them, but typically less healthy for the consumer.

Constellation Vapes actually get you high

Solventless hash on the go! Constellation also features a vape cartridge line that contains the same solventless extraction but in a vape! We’ve found these carts to last a lot longer than a distillate cartridge as the oil doesn’t seem to burn as hot. The strength also allows you to get pretty high off a few puffs.

What is the Teapot?

The constellation of Sagittarius is supposed to be a centaur. That’s a mythical half man/half horse creature, carrying a bow and arrow. Good luck spotting the centaur in the stars!

How to spot the Teapot

Unlike many star patterns, the Teapot actually looks like the object for which it’s named. The Teapot has a handle, spout and lid like a traditional teapot. Head to a dark rural location for your best views of this Milky Way region.

The center of our Milky Way

Once you’ve found the Teapot, assuming you have a dark sky, you can see “steam” billowing out of the spout. Gaze into the midst of this “steam” – into the thickest part of it – and you’ll be gazing toward the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

Residential Energy Solutions

In the past you had only one option for your electricity. If you live in a deregulated energy market, you now have more energy choices, allowing you to choose the best electricity or natural gas supplier for your home.

Small Business Energy Options

Having a trusted energy company like Constellation on your side means knowing you have the right energy solutions, resources and payment plans to help meet your small business needs.

Commercial & Industrial Business Energy Solutions

Constellation offers commercial business customers comprehensive energy solutions. We provide a variety of pricing options for electric, natural gas, and renewable energy products for companies of any size. Contact us to see what we offer in your market.

Government Agency Solutions

A leading energy supplier across the U.S., Constellation has the kind of experience and energy resources to provide government agencies with the energy solutions they need.

Winter Is Here

With winter in full affect, we’ve put together a guide with tips to help you prepare your home, car, and business for winter storms.

Big Upside

The major potential is that Constellation, whose $7.6 billion in annual sales are nearly 100-fold bigger than Canopy’s, will be able to leverage its extensive distribution network in the U.S. and globally to also sell cannabis products to a market expected to grow to tens of billions of dollars yearly. That also could fuel Constellation’s stock.

Deal Waits for STATES Act to Pass

Canopy this month agreed to buy the American cannabis company, Acreage Holdings, for $3.4 billion, granted that the STATES Act is passed by the U.S. Congress and the president. The new bill, introduced last week, would federally decriminalize marijuana in states where it is legal under state law.

Looking Ahead

While the marijuana industry is poised to flourish worldwide, Constellation and Canopy face numerous obstacles, including regulatory, supply and quality issues. But the payoff certainly seems to far outweigh the risks for Constellation given the rosy outlook.

Constellation Brands Earnings, Outlook

Constellation Brands earnings per share jumped 18% to $2.37. Net sales rose 9% to $1.97 billion. Those results beat expectations for earnings per share of $2.04 on revenue of $1.91 billion.

Constellation Brands Stock

Constellation Brands stock sank 12% to 150.94 on the stock market today, the lowest since February 2017. Canopy Growth jumped 13%.

Constellation’s Canopy Growth Investment

Constellation Brands has expressed hopes that cannabis beverages from Canopy might fit changing consumer tastes and fill the void left by shrinking beer sales.

Beer, Wine Sales Faltering

Constellation’s beer sales grew 16% to $1.21 billion. But operating margin shrank by 60 basis points to 37.3%, due to higher transportation costs, amid a nationwide trucker shortage. Higher operational costs and marketing investments also hamstrung results.

One Wall Street analyst seems to think a buyout is likely — but is it?

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Constellation has been building a position in Canopy for some time

Before completely diving into the positives of a potential acquisition of Canopy Growth, it’s important for investors to understand just how deep Constellation Brands already is into Canopy from a monetary perspective.

Here’s why a Constellation-Canopy combination might make sense

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s examine why acquiring Canopy Growth could work out in Constellation’s favor.

Zuanic’s thesis has a pretty big flaw

I admit, there’s a lot here that makes sense. Constellation already being waist-deep in its aggregate investment, and recently installing its former CFO as Canopy’s new CEO, both make for solid reasons to combine these two companies. But Zuanic’s thesis overlooks a pretty sizable problem.