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His story came up when we were exploring the constellation ofSagittarius. Prometheus gave mankind fire,against the wishes of Zeus. As punishment,he was tied to a rock where a bird would eat his liver,each day. If someone took the place of Prometheus,then he would be free.

Which constellation is associated with the Greek hero Perseus?

Perseus constellation represents the Greek hero Perseus. It is one of the six constellations associated with Perseus and was originally catalogued by Ptolemy in the 2nd century. The constellation Phoenix represents the mythical firebird, sacred across many cultures and mythologies.

What Constellation is Pricus in the Bible?

This becomes the constellation Capricorn. As Capricorn, Pricus can watch over his children from the stars. The myth of the constellation Aquarius tells the tale of Ganymede. He was a young prince that was regarded as Troy’s most beautiful young man.

What constellations are associated with Greek mythology?

Constellation names associated with figures from mythology were given to a number of prominent constellations. These include most of the members of the Perseus family (Perseus, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Cetus, Cepheus, Pegasus, and Auriga), the Hercules family (Hercules, Sagitta, Aquila, Lyra, Cygnus, Hydra, Crater, Corvus, Ophiuchus, Serpens, …

What constellation represents King Cepheus?

Cepheus constellation represents King Cepheus of Aethiopia (a region that contained parts of present-day Egypt, Jordan and Israel), husband of Cassiopeia and father of Andromeda. The constellations representing Cassiopeia, Andromeda and Perseus (who rescued Andromeda from the sea monster) lie in the same region of the sky.

What is the Prometheus Cubesat?

Special Operations Command). The Prometheus CubeSats are part of a technology development and demonstration effort to explore the viability

How many CubeSATs are there in LANL?

The LANL Agile Space team has launched 12 CubeSats and is expecting to launch at least 10 more in 2016. These have been part of the completed Perseus project and the currently active Prometheus project. Here, a brief history and goals of these programs is provided before a focus on the technical details of Prometheus.

How does Prometheus work?

Prometheus utilizes a single networking layer , developed at LANL for small satellites, to interconnect the various microprocessors within the system. This network code is part of the common code base shared across all subsystems. LANL assumed that the application software will have a significantly longer life than any specific system or piece of hardware. Therefore, an early goal was to abstract interconnecting the system away from a particular satellite or ground station implementation. The networking model was designed to be independent of the hardware so that new links can be added and operated over different and possibly not yet defined hardware standards in a seamless way that is invisible to the application software engineer. This network extends from the ground station to each subsystem in the satellite.

What is LANL ASP?

The LANL ASP (Agile Space Program) has developed a paradigm intended to enable new, low cost, rapidly deployed space systems. Aspects of this paradigm in the areas of requirements definition, tailoring of risk, and controlling the costs of reproduction and operations are discussed. 1)

What is the Prometheus structure?

Structure: The Prometheus structure (Figure 4) has been developed with emphasis on accessibility and modularity. The system breaks into three major pieces. The ‘top’ is the housing for the analog processing and antennas. The ‘middle’ is the card cage housing the software defined radios (SDRs), command and data handling (C&DH), and attitude determination and control system (ADCS) subsystems. The ‘bottom’ is the power system. All subsystems in all three pieces are connected to each other by a single backplane. It is intended that each subsystem be as independently testable as possible.

What were the successes of Prometheus Block 1?

The Prometheus Block 1 demonstrated successes included: 1) Both configured and scripted tasking demonstrated on the satellite. 2) Doppler correction of ephemeris. 3) Regular secure communications achieved with all eight of the Block 1 satellites and maintained for many months .

Why are there so many examples of CubeSat payloads?

There are many examples of CubeSat payloads that, due to a bus failure, never got an opportunity to be tested properly on orbit. Satellites require significant effort, experience, and facilities to realize an acceptable probability of meeting the fundamental requirements of turning on, surviving the environment, and communicating commands and data with the ground.

Using pre-compiled binaries

We provide precompiled binaries for most official Prometheus components. Check out the download section for a list of all available versions.

From source

For building Prometheus components from source, see the Makefile targets in the respective repository.

Using Docker

All Prometheus services are available as Docker images on or Docker Hub.

Using configuration management systems

If you prefer using configuration management systems you might be interested in the following third-party contributions:

What constellations are above the horizon in the Age of Gemini?

As you can see for yourself in the predawn sky at this early-August time of the year, and has been discussed previously (see this post for example ), the prominent constellations above the horizon in the Age of Gemini are Gemini (of course) and Orion, who is so close to the Twins that the end of his upraised club (or mace) nearly touches the bottoms of their feet. Below is an image of those constellations arranged on the horizon, first without lines drawn in and then with the outlines as suggested by H.A. Rey:

Where does Orion begin his journey?

Note that, just as we saw with the horizontal and vertical fire-sticks, Orion begins his journey across the sky in a horizontal posture — suggestive of Osiris lying inert in the underworld, or Saturn-Kronos chained and asleep in the cave of Ogygia beneath the waves. However, as the video above entitled " Orion rising and crossing the sky " (which I made using the Neave Planetarium online) demonstrates, his very motion figures the esoteric teaching of the "raising up of the Djed column" or the "Tat cross" — the backbone of Osiris. You can see in the video (or in the procession of the actual stars shining against the backdrop of infinity in the actual sky above our heads) that Orion begins his journey in the east and horizontal, but by the time he reaches his zenith above the due-south-point on the southern horizon (for viewers in the northern hemisphere), he has been raised-up like the Djed column of ancient Egypt to a vertical posture.

What is the name of the firestick in the Vedas?

In the Vedas, these fire-sticks are described with specific names — Pramantha for the "upper fire stick," the active drill, and Arani for the passive stick in which the fire is kindled. It has been noted by many previous authors that the name pramantha may well be linguistically connected to the name of Prometheus ( Hamlet’s Mill discusses this connection on pages 139-140).

What did Prometheus do to the body?

Prometheus moulded men out of water and earth and gave them also fire, which unknown to Zeus, he had hidden in a stalk of fennel. But when Zeus learned of it, he ordered Hephaestus to nail his body to Mount Caucasus, which is a Scythian mountain. On it Prometheus was nailed and kept bound for many years. Every day an eagle swooped on him and devoured the lobes of his liver, which grew by night. That was the penalty that Prometheus paid for the theft of fire until Hercules afterwards released him, as we shall show in dealing with Hercules. 1.7.1.

What are the twins of Gemini?

To the "left" of Orion (towards the north, along the horizon) are the Twins of Gemini, their two brightest stars being their two heads: Castor and Pollux. Below is the same sky-shot, with the lines drawn in as I like to imagine them (following primarily along the recommendations of H.A. Rey, with some slight deviations mainly in Taurus):

What is the name of the star that is on the eastern horizon?

Above is the view of the eastern horizon: you can see the stunning figure of Orion (look for the three stars of his nearly-vertical belt, directly up from the number "19" in the date-time window of the Neave Planetarium controls). Above him you can see the dazzling "V" of the Hyades, and above them the shimmering cluster of the Pleiades. To the "left" of the "V" of the Hyades are the two stars that make up the long "horns" of the Bull, and above them is the lantern-jawed charioteer of Auriga.

What is the Golden Age in Hamlet’s Mill?

In Hamlet’s Mill, the authors provide evidence (without stating it explicitly or at least systematically) that this lost Golden Age corresponds to the Age of Gemini. The key piece of evidence they cite to support this identification is their discussion of the Galaxy and the fact that in the Age of Gemini, the band of the Milky Way would have aligned with the two points of equinox (the spring equinox then being located in Gemini — hence the name of the Age of Gemini — and the fall equinox then being located in Sagittarius, who is located next to the other end of the Milky Way band ). They note that with such an alignment the "gates" of the equinox would align with the "gates" of that shimmering path of souls (the Milky Way in the night sky). Also, there would have been a satisfactory poetic harmony in the fact that the fiery path of the sun (the ecliptic path, which crosses the celestial equator at equinox) was then aligned with the smoky path of the Galactic band.

What are the constellations?

Twelve constellations were created by Dutch explorers who sailed to Indonesia in 1595. They were named after the animals the explorers encountered on their journeys. These constellations were first depicted on a celestial globe designed by the Dutch-Flemish astronomer Petrus Plancius in 1597/1598. They include: 1 Apus (the Bird of Paradise) 2 Chamaeleon 3 Dorado (the Dolphinfish or Swordfish) 4 Grus (the Crane) 5 Tucana (the Toucan) 6 Volans (the Flying Fish) 7 Musca (the Fly)

How many constellations are there in the world?

Below is the list of the names of the modern 88 constellations along with the stories behind them. The constellation names, abbreviations and boundaries were set by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in the 1920s. The genitive forms of constellation names are used in stellar designations (e.g. Alpha Centauri, Beta Tauri, Sigma Sagittarii).

What does the constellation Apus represent?

Apus represents the bird of paradise. The constellation’s name means “no feet” in Greek, referring to a western misconception of the bird of paradise not having feet. The constellation was created and named by the Dutch astronomer and cartographer Petrus Plancius in the late 16th century.

Why is Monoceros named after the unicorn?

He named it after the unicorn because the mythical animal appears several times in the Old Testament.

Why was Andromeda sacrificed to Cetus?

Andromeda was sacrificed to Cetus to appease the gods and stop the monster from ravaging her land.

What constellation holds Zeus’ thunderbolts?

Aquila constellation is associated with the eagle that held Zeus’ thunderbolts in Greek mythology, as well as with the eagle that abducted Ganymede and brought him to Olympus.

Why did Zeus put the altar in the sky?

The gods were led by Zeus and the Titans by Atlas. It is said that Zeus placed the altar in the sky in honour of the gods’ victory. In various depictions of the constellation, the Milky Way represents the smoke rising from the altar.

How are Virgo and Libra connected?

Virgo and Libra are connected in a way no two other constellations are. Much of this has to do with the debate over exactly what Virgo represents, but to completely understand Libra, one needs to know that Astraea the Star Goddess is the figure in the Virgo constellation. The constellation of Libra is a set of scales.

What is Ares’ lust for blood?

Ares was well known as having a lust for blood. In other words, his thoughtless aggression and chaotic behavior often resulted in others getting hurt or losing their lives. Some of these characteristics of Ares, although not as intense, have become associated with people born under the sign of Aries the Ram.

Why does Castor die?

Castor dies because he is a mere mortal. Pollux is extremely upset about this. They had spent their entire lives together, and now he was left alone. He did not want to go on without Castor, but because he was immortal, there was nothing he could do about it. He goes to his father, Zeus, and begs for help. Zeus had a decision to make. He decided that he did not want to kill Pollux so he could be with his brother. Instead, he makes Castor immortal. The two brothers were then able to stay together forever as Gemini, the constellation.

Why did the Greeks use Ares and Athena?

Greeks used Ares and Athena to represent the two sides of war. One god had well thought out and specific plans while the other was sporadic with little organized planning. Greeks felt that one side of war was calculated and planned while the other side could be out of control.

How do Aphrodite and Eros escape from Typhon?

The other version still has them turning into fish, but two other fish come and take them to a safe place. Either version works. They are very similar, and Aphrodite and Eros escape from Typhon safely due to the help of two fish.

What is the myth of Aries?

Aries. When it comes to Aries, there are two distinctly different stories associated with the name. One is the myth of Aries the Ram while the other is the story of the Greek god named Ares. When referring to the god, Aries is often spelled “Ares.”. The zodiac sign of Aries is a combination of the two stories.

What do scientists and astronomers have learned about the universe?

As scientists and astronomers have learned more about the universe, we look at the stars in a much different way. Even so, the legends, gods, and myths associated with these tiny points of light that spread across the evening sky are still quite fascinating.

What causes black gooey substance to leak?

As the group moves into the chamber, there seems to be some environmental changes triggering the black gooey substance to start leaking from the cylinders. A silica storm forces the group to return to the ship, leaving two of the group remain in the chamber.

What is the premise of the movie Alien?

In 1976, when Ridley Scott came up with his epic sci-fi horror ‘Alien’, its premise was based on a group of astronauts facing an alien creature in space.

What happens to the humanoid on the top of a waterfall?

On the top of a waterfall, a large humanoid removes his cloak and drinks up a black gooey liquid. The liquid makes his body disintegrate and he falls into the water. The subsequent chain of scenes shows his body getting completely disintegrated, at cellular levels.

Why did Elizabeth Shaw take David’s head with her?

Elizabeth Shaw was part of the team that had found the connection between the Engineers and mankind. Her search for the creator of mankind ended in devastation as she found the Engineers wanted to destroy the Earth . She found it inexplicable as why the Engineers wanted to destroy their own creation. In order to get the answers, she went to look for the Engineers. She took David’s head with her, so that she could fix him and in return, David could help her look for the answers she wanted so badly.

What happened to Charlie in the ship?

But the team lead Vickers refuses to allow Charlie inside the ship and on his insistence, is burnt to death as he continues to decay. During a medical check, Elizabeth finds herself to be three months pregnant despite her being sterile and having physical relationship with Charlie the night before. Sensing danger, she undergoes a self surgery in a med-pod which reveals her offspring – a squid shaped creature. Horrified, she dumps the creature inside the room and leaves to warn the others. She finds the unknown person with whom David is seen communicating earlier – An ageing Peter Weyland! Weyland reveals his true purpose behind the expedition and that’s to prevent his death by using the advanced technology from the Engineers.

Why did David infect Charlie?

As the black substance altered DNA based on the direct contact, the creatures or human beings were always mutated. David wanted to create a progeny through normal birth and thus he infected Charlie who then proceeded to impregnate Elizabeth.

What is the purpose of Weyland’s expedition?

Weyland reveals his true purpose behind the expedition and that’s to prevent his death by using the advanced technology from the Engineers. Weyland and his team return to the planet and David wakes up the Engineer. The Engineer, upon knowing their actual purpose, kills Weyland and decapitates David.