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What is the Celebrity Cruises Inc responsibility for shore side excursions?

Celebrity Cruises Inc. responsibility does not extend beyond the vessel and all arrangements made for or by the passenger for shore side excursions, transportation or activities are at the passenger’s risk. 2021 Celebrity Cruises Inc. Ships’ registry: Malta and Ecuador.

What is the cancellation policy for *shore excursions?

*Shore Excursions can be cancelled or modified up to 24 hours prior to scheduled tour departure for a full refund. Excludes tours involving flights, trains, special events, overnight stays, hotel stays, Celebrity Exclusives, Multi-day Adventures and Private Journeys.

Why book shore excursions in cruise planner?

Book shore excursions in Cruise Planner. Experience city highlights, iconic ruins, natural wonders or beautiful beaches on excursions customized for your specific needs. Help preserve the destination and support the local community on tours that emphasize local history, culture and environment.

Why choose an independent shore excursion operator?

Whether you choose a private, premium experience or a family-focused adventure, independent local operators ensure that your shore excursions are the perfect way to discover any destination, granting in-depth knowledge, expertise, and a truly extraordinary experience Easy To Plan. Easy to Book. More Than 280 Breathtaking Destinations.