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What are constellations?

The word ‘constellation’ comes from the Latin ‘constellacio’ which means ‘set of stars’. Of the billions of stars in the universe, only a fraction make up the shapes of our constellations.

What does Virgin Orbit’s SpaceBelt constellation mean for LauncherOne?

Virgin Orbit has announced that commercial satellite developer Cloud Constellation Corporation has selected the LauncherOne service for deployment of the SpaceBelt constellation of space-based cloud storage data centres.

What is Cloud Constellation Corporation?

At Cloud Constellation Corporation, we believe in developing a truly secure data storage service that leverages the isolation of a space-based cloud infrastructure.

What are the 12 zodiac constellations?

The twelve zodiac constellations include: 1 Aries (Ram) 2 Aquarius 3 Cancer (Crab) 4 Capricornus (Goat) 5 Gemini 6 Leo (Lion) 7 Libra 8 Pisces (Fish) 9 Sagittarius 10 Scorpius (Scorpion) More items…

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What is a Constellation?

Constellations are groups of stars that form patterns in the night sky, often named after animals, creatures, or mythological people resembling the outline or pattern. The word ‘constellation’ comes from the Latin ‘constellacio’ which means ‘set of stars’.

What is an asterism in the night sky?

Another example of an asterism in the night sky is The Big Dipper. This pattern of stars is one of the most familiar sights in the northern sky. The Big Dipper is a prominent group of stars within the larger constellation of Ursa Major (The Great Bear).

What is the difference between a constellation and an asterism?

Constellation Versus Asterism. A constellation differs from an asterism in that an asterism is a well-known and/or obvious group or pattern of stars but is not a formally-na med constellation (i.e. Winter and Summer Triangle ).

How many stars are in Cassiopeia?

There are a total of eight stars in this constellation which is located opposite the Big Dipper asterism.

Why do constellations shift west?

Constellations will gradually shift west throughout the year due to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Therefore, there are constellations known for the different seasons since viewers are looking at a different set of constellations from summer to winter.

How many constellations are there in the sky?

Of the 88 constellations, 36 lie predominantly in the northern sky, and 52 in the southern sky.

Which constellation is known for its meteor shower?

Perseus. Perseus is a northern constellation, known for its annual meteor shower in the summer. Neighboring constellations include Andromeda, Aries, Auriga, Camelopardalis, Cassiopeia, Taurus, and Triangulum.

How many low orbit satellites are there?

A network of 10 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites for the purpose of offering space-based secure cloud data storage and global connectivity services

What is the header of a data transmission?

Data transmission through the conventional Internet always carries a header that gives information on how the information was sent.

Is Storage Switzerland a cloud vendor?

Storage Switzerland: A Cloud Vendor Actually in the Clouds.

Who is the CEO of Spacebelt?

SpaceBelt’s CEO, Cliff Bleek, was recently featured on CNBC’s Squawkbox alongside Sir Richard Branson and Nicole Stott, Hypercubes. The topic of conversation: using satellites to provide data, measure the planet and manage the information.