1958 chris craft constellation

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Where can I buy a Chris-Craft constellation boat?

Boat Trader works with thousands of boat dealers and brokers to bring you one of the largest collections of Chris-Craft Constellation boats on the market. You can also browse boat dealers to find a boat near you today.

What is a constellation boat?

Chris-Craft Constellation boats are typically used for overnight-cruising, day-cruising and watersports. These boats were built with a wood deep-vee; usually with an inboard and available in Diesel.

How big is a 1958 Chris Craft cadet?

An absolute classic. 1958 Chris Craft Cadet. 25 feet wtwin Hercules 6 cylinders. Hull 21 of 72 built. I have owned the boat since 1990 and have done extensive research and have found not another in the water. The closest I came was via description, was on poles at a boat works out East. This is a boat that draws attention.

Is there a 1958 Chris Craft Silver Arrow for sale?

Offered for sale is a 1958 Chris Craft Silver Arrow, Voted Best Silver Arrow by the antique and Classic Boat Society – Chesapeake Bay Chapter in 2012 This is hull number 003 of only 92 Silver Arrows produced in 1958. Boat was restored over a two year time frame from 2008-2010.

What year was the Chris Craft Silver Arrow 19?

1958 Chris Craft Silver Arrow 19′ CHRIS CRAFT SILVER ARROW 1958.20k PRICE REDUCTION BY A HIGHLY MOTIVATED SELLER. A true classic. Cruise in style this summer with a rare beauty, 1 of only 92 ever made. Verification by the Chris Craft Registry at the National Mariner’s Museum. In its day it was one of the most desired powerboats; with its eye catching looks and classic lines, it continues to turn heads and draw attention. This was the runabout for a 1969 Chris Craft Commander 47′ which is also available from Blue Pacific Yachts. 80% restored and already valued at over $100k……Powered by a Ford Interceptor engine and rebuilt Eaton velvet glide transmission, this James Bond style boat will reach 40mph+. True classic style and power to match.

How many Chris Crafts were made in 1958?

This Chris Craft Yacht is the very last of its kind. There were only 4 of the 55′ Conquerors made in 1958 and ours is the only survivor! It is very rare to find a year in the history of Chris Crafts boat building that has only 1 boat left of a particular model, especially a 55′ yacht.

What boat has curved side windows?

A collectors dream…This is the one and only model that Chris Craft made with curved side windows. The 1958 55′ Conqueror was the only boat to ever receive these jewels. Truly a one of a kind boat, open to offers above 30,000.

How many Continental 23s were built?

Chris-Craft built 170 Continental 23’s in their post War run, between 1956-1958. They measured 22’7" with a beam of 7’11" and a 23" draft. The extra seat behind the driver’s seat was an option available for this boat. This boat is in good shape, however, a bit of wear and tear is visible.

Is Chris Craft’s boat unique?

This boat is truly unique in that – it is the only one like it in the world. According to Wikipedia Chris Craft only made FOUR of the conquerors in 1958 and this one is the only survivor. She is work in progress but in the end, I can only image what she will be worth. Imagine owning the only boat in the world.

How many lengths of Connie were there in 1957?

In 1957 she was available in 8 lengths from your 28′ model to the new 55′ model featuring a forward sweeping bow line with no bull nose. The peak sales year for the Connie was 1961 with 9 models from 25′ (the shortest one) up to 66′ (the largest wood cruiser that Chris-Craft ever built).

What was the last wood cruiser Chris Craft built?

The last wood cruiser that Chris-Craft built was the 1972, 57′ Constellation marking the end of an era as well an the end of a long successful run for the Constellation (1955-1972). Your ’58, 28′ Connie has the distinctive, shear break and bull nose that is truely classic of the era.

When was the 28′ Constellation made?

Hey Mike, welcome to Boat Buzz. The 28′ Constellation was introduced in 1957, CC built them through 1958 and built a total of 138 of this model. The first Constellation was introduced in 1955 in a 53′ version. The following year included 5 lengths ranging from 35′ to 54′.