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How many circles are there in AC origins?

In this guide, we’re going to show you all 12 AC Origins stone circle locations, to help you get the achievement. The circles tie into the story via a side quest called Bayek’s Promise. The quest requires you to visit and solve all 12 circles, which are dedicated to ancient gods and their constellations.

Where to find align the Stars in Assassin’s Creed Origins?

The first instance of the Align the Stars quest can be found just south of Siwa, the starting town, and is highlighted by the Bayek’s Promise marker. The Hidden Ones DLC for Assassin’s Creed Origins adds two more Stone Circles for intrepid explorers to collect. These are fairly easy to find, only requiring some off-the-beaten-path adventuring.

How do you complete Bayek’s promise in AC origins?

To complete Bayek’s Promise, you need to find all 12 Stone Circles and align constellation with the stars. Interacting with an Assassin’s Creed Origins Stone Circle should form a constellation in the stones. At this point, you need to focus your attention towards the sky and try to find a set of identical stars.

Where can I find the constellation Amun?

The constellation can be found directly to the right of Amun – you’ll need to rotate the stars a bit to the right to make them align. This circle can be found in the desert due west of the Temple of Sekhmet in Lake Mareotis. The constellation can be found by moving the camera to the right and slightly down.

How to find the patter of a star?

To find the patter, tilt the camera upwards a bit, then rotate to the left and pass three other constellations. Flip the stars upside-down to align them with the pattern above the Goat Fish.

How to find the star pattern in the constellations?

To find the star pattern, rotate the stars a quarter-turn clockwise, then move them to the right. Pass a few constellations to find their match sitting to the bottom-right of the Divine Lion and above Apis.

How to align the stars in a constellation?

To align the stars, flip them upside down, then move the camera down a bit and float left past two other sets of stars. If you’ve already completed Apis, this constellation is directly to its left.

How to do a stone circle?

Stone Circles require you to match a given star pattern with one sitting in the night sky. Align the stars by rotating the shape and moving the camera so that you recognize the constellation.

Where is the Divine Lion?

Divine Lion. This circle can be found among the dunes of Iment Nome, south of the fields at the bottom of Lake Mareotis. From the starting camera position, move up and to the left past two other constellations and rotate the stars ever so slightly to the right to match the pattern in the sky.

How many stone circles are there in Stargazer?

There are 12 Stone Circles to complete around Egypt. Finding and solving them all will unlock the Stargazer Achievement/Trophy and complete the first step towards obtaining the legendary Isu Armor from the first civilization as well as the side quest Bayek’s Promise. Check out the Isu Armor in the video below: Loading. advertisement.

Where does the camera start in Serqet?

The camera starts almost directly on top of Serqet - move up and to the left to find this pattern above the back of the Divine Lion.

What is a stone circle in Assassin’s Creed Origins?

Stone circles are special locations in Assassin’s Creed Origins. When you find one, you’ll have to solve a puzzle in which you allign the shape of a constellation with its position in the night sky. You will be rewarded with some experience points for your effort.

What is the side quest in Bayek’s Promise?

Bayek’s Promise side quest. The circles tie into the story via a side quest called Bayek’s Promise. The quest requires you to visit and solve all 12 circles, which are dedicated to ancient gods and their constellations.

Where is the second stone circle in Scales?

The Scales Stone Circle. Location: The second stone circle is in the northeastern part of the Uab Nome, on the river bank. How to solve: The shape looks like a house. You’ll have to rotate it 180 degrees, so the roof should be pointing up.

Where is the constellation in the White Desert Oasis?

Location: In the center of the White Desert Oasis, on the western coast of the upper lake. How to solve: The constellation forms a shaped line of two people holding their hands. It’s very hard to find position of these starts, since the twins stand upright. You should look to the right from the Divine Lion.

Where is the Hathor stone circle?

Hathor stone circle. Location: Southeast of the sync point on the peninsula in Ka-Khem Nome, a province in the northeast . How to solve: The stars form the shape of a human figure lying on its side. The targeted spot is once again outside the cluster of stars you can see when you first interact with the stones.

How many Align the Stars are there in Assassin’s Creed Origins?

Stone Circles – Egypt. There are 12 Align the Stars locations throughout the base game of Assassin’s Creed Origins, in the main area of Egypt. To complete each puzzle, you must approach the stones and interact with them, then align the shape with the stars in the sky.

Where is the Divine Lion Stone Circle in Iment Nome?

Iment Nome. Divine Lion Stone Circle – The Align the Stars puzzle in Iment Nome can be found to the east, near the border of Khensu Nome. Serqet Stone Circle – This is the second Stone Circle in Iment Nome, and is located near the west of the province, in the sand dunes.

How many puzzles are there in the Stone Circle?

With all twelve of the Stone Circle puzzles found and solved, you will have completed the Align the Stars quest in Assassin’s Creed Origins and unlocked the Stargazer Achievement or Trophy. Take some time now to find all the tombs or collect enough silica to unlock the Isu Armor set!

Where is the Amun Stone Circle?

Amun Stone Circle – This is the first Align the Stars puzzle that can be found. While in the starting area of Siwa , make your way to the lowest fast travel point and then progress further south. The collection of rocks will be on the ground by the Bayek’s Promise marker.

Where is the alignment of stars puzzle in Uab Nome?

Horus Stone Circle – The Align the Stars puzzle in Uab Nome is to the north of the area and can be found after climbing up a rocky plateau.

Where is the Stone Circle in Madiama Nome?

Madiama Nome. Ankh Stone Circle – This Stone Circle is found to the south of the main village, over the mountains but just before the sand dunes. You can find it up in the mountain, on a small plateau. Sobek Stone Circle – The final Stone Circle in The Hidden Ones is in the southern-most section of Madiama Nome.

Where is the alignment of stars quest?

The first instance of the Align the Stars quest can be found just south of Siwa, the starting town, …

Where is the Divine Lion Stone Circle?

The Divine Lion stone circle sits in the northeastern part of the Iment Nome area, southeast of the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu. The Goat Fish stone circle is tucked neatly inside the northwestern “panhandle” of the Isolated Desert area, atop the western cliff that overlooks the valley there.

Where to find scales in Faiyum?

In Faiyum you’ll discover the Pisces stone circle, which you find by hugging the area’s eastern coast. The Scales stone circle is slightly west of the Horus Stone Circle, also in Uab Nome.

Where is the Horus Stone Circle?

The Horus stone circle is southeast of Krocodilopolis, below the river and in Uab Nome. Inside the northwestern part of the Qattara Depression is where you’ll find the Osiris stone circle. Follow the western path on the map north and you’ll eventually see it on your left.

Where is the Great Twins Stone Circle?

The Great Twins stone circle is located inside the northern lake of the White Desert Oasis area, on a small island on its eastern side. The Hathor stone circle lies in the southmost marsh island of the Ka-Khem Nome region, just east of the Sapi-Res Nome region.

Where is the Apis stone circle in the desert?

You can find the Apis stone circle in the southwest corner of the Isolated Desert, just below the Remetch Ra vantage point.

How does Bayek interact with the camera?

As he interacts with it, the camera swoops to his eagle’s point of view, showing the shape the stones form. Time advances until night falls, and Bayek sits down and starts gazing at the sky. The player takes over again – they now have to match the shape the stones form with a constellation.

What is a stargazing puzzle?

Stargazing puzzles are a kind of challenge in Assassin’s Creed Origins. They require you to find a constellation in the night sky using a pattern you get from a stone circle. They were revealed in the E3 demo, and there’s a video to show you how they work.

When will Assassin’s Creed Origins be released?

Assassin’s Creed Origins is going to be released on OCtober 27th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. You can already preorder it, and if you need help untangling the mess that awaits there, be sure to check out our Assassin’s Creed Origins Editions & Preorder Bonuses list.