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People also ask

  • How many locations does WeWork have?

  • Have questions or need help? Whether you need a custom headquarters in New York, a swing space in London, or citywide office access in Tokyo, WeWork鈥檚 global footprint of over 800 locations provides workspace where and how you need it. WeWork enterprise solutions wherever you are.

  • What is WeWork on demand space?

  • On demand space for your next product launch, workshop, or presentation. Unlimited Access to our network of 800+ WeWork locations around the world. WeWork is a company where all types of businesses thrive: from freelancers to satellite sales teams, solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, technology firms to financial advisers.

  • How do I Opt Out of the WeWork All Access Membership?

  • To opt out of the automatic renewal, you may cancel your WeWork All Access Membership in accordance with the WeWork All Access Membership Terms and Conditions by contacting us at [email protected] or through the WeWork app or website by clicking 鈥淎ccount鈥? then 鈥淪upport鈥? then 鈥淢embership鈥? and submitting a request to cancel.

  • Is there a special introductory rate for WeWork employees?

  • For a limited time, get a special introductory rate for 3 months. Terms apply. Enjoy the convenience of being able to work closer to home or around the world with 24/7 access to hundreds of WeWork locations in select markets.