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The Alcon Constellation Vision System is an ophthalmic microsurgical systemused by eye surgeons to perform various kinds of eye surgery.

What is the Alcon Constellation LXT vision system?

The Alcon CONSTELLATION LXT Vision System establishes the standard of surgical control. Combining ULTRAVIT High Speed Vitrectomy Probes with Duty Cycle Control, Integrated Pressurized Infusion IOP Compensation, Advanced Xenon Illumination, and V-LOCITY Efficiency Components to deliver an exceptional level of performance.

What is the Alcon Constellation xenon illuminator?

The CONSTELLATION Xenon Illuminator has been designed to provide long-lasting high brightness illumination. Features include voice confirmation, the multi-function foot switch, ENGAUGE RFID, and dual laser attachment ports. This Alcon Constellation Vision System is in excellent condition and comes equipped with:

What is constellation® vision system?

The CONSTELLATION Vision system is an ophthalmic microsurgical system that is indicated for both anterior segment (phacoemulsification removal of cataracts) posterior segments (Vitrioretinal) ophthalmic surgery. As said by the brand, the Vitrioretinal surgery has changed forever because of the CONSTELLATION Vision System!

What are the features of the constellation?

The Constellation features a full-function vitreoretinal system with complete posterior segment and anterior segment procedure capabilities.

What is the best machine for 23G?

Recognized as the world’s best machine for 23G and 25G vitreoretinal surgery, the constellation Vision System combines advancements in high speed cutting, intraocular pressure control, illumination, laser and other features allowing for more surgeon control during retinal surgery. The Constellation has combined capabilities to perform advanced sutureless vitrectomy/retinal surgery and retinal lasers with endo-laser facility for diabetic retinopathy and managing complicated retinal detachment cases. The advancement of lSG sutureless vitreoretinal surgery provides a faster recovery time for the patient and has significantly reduced the time needed for the procedure.

What is an Alcon system?

The Alcon CONSTELLATION Vision System delivers an exceptional level of performance through its advanced technologies, allowing our surgeons to treat eye conditions that may have once been considered untreatable. Our surgeons are now able to utilize completely new approaches in microincision surgery and perform the latest techniques in vitreoretinal surgery. This marks a new area in retinal surgery and further demonstrates the AIO tradition of providing the very best and latest technology to patients.

What is constellation vision?

The Constellation Vision System represents a significant advancement in the application of new techniques for treating diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment cases. Find out if it is right for you.

What is intraocular pressure control?

Intraocular pressure (IOP) control is one feature that sets the Constellation apart from other vitrectomy machines. This control allows surgeons to keep IOP within 2 mm Hg of a preset level. The IOP control utilizes flow sensors at the bottom of the cassette that directly compensates to maintain a set pressure. It features proprietory ALCON® Non-Invasive Flow Sensor Technology & enables excellent control & constant globe stability. It also enables the surgeon to implement bottle changes without procedure interruption. Along with this, it also includes low & empty bottle alerts.

What is the best feature of the Constellation?

One of the best features of the Constellation is the machine’s user-friendly interface . With its easy-to-read screen, it allows surgeons to choose among the device’s various functions and clearly indicates when the user has switched from, for example, core vitrectomy to shave vitrectomy. With this given, there are reasons explained below why this CONSTELLATION® Vision System is a Game Changer.

What is Ultravit probe?

The ULTRAVIT® vitrectomy probe with duty cycle control provides high speed cutting & the ability to modify duty cycle for flow control independent of vacuum and cutting.

Do you need to plug cannulas?

No additional forceps is required. That is, no need to plug cannulas while not using them.

What is the IOP compensation feature?

The IOP Compensation feature provides control of Infusion Pressure which results in more stable IOP.

What is a CONSTELLATION Vision System?

The CONSTELLATION Vision System allows the surgeon to modify duty cycle to control flow independent of vacuum and cut rate. The surgeon is given the ability to select 3 different duty cycle options at any given cut rate, Port Biased Open, 50/50, or Port Biased Closed.

Is the Alcon Constellation Vision System in good condition?

This Alcon Constellation Vision System is in excellent condition and comes equipped with:

What is Alcon eye care?

Alcon is the global leader in eye care, dedicated to helping people see brilliantly . With our 70-plus-year heritage, we are the largest eye care device company in the world – with complementary businesses in Surgical and Vision Care. Being a truly global company, we work in over 70 countries and serve patients in more than 140 countries. We have a long history of industry firsts, and each year we commit a substantial amount in Research and Development to meet customer needs and patient demands.

What is Alcon Foundation?

Alcon’s Corporate Giving efforts , including the Alcon Foundation and Alcon Cares, help people around the world by increasing access to quality eye care, driving eye care provider training and skills-transfer, and strengthening the communities in which we live and work.

When did Alcon start making eye drops?

1950 Alcon introduces its first two ophthalmic products: Ophthalzin? for minor eye infections and Zincfrin® for red, itchy eyes. 1953 While on a sales call in West Texas, Robert Alexander and a local physician develop and patent the DROPTAINER® eye drop dispensing bottle, now standard for today’s eye care products.

When did Alcon launch the Acrysof?

2005 Alcon launches the AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL quickly becoming a global leader in multifocal IOLs by offering the widest array of eye care and eye health products.