alcon constellation vision system manual

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What is the Alcon Constellation Vision System (CVS)?

Alcon reserves the right to change speci?cations without further notice. Operator Pro?le The Constellation Vision System is designed to be operated by two basic groups; surgeons and nurses/scrub techs. The surgeon focus is primarily constrained to the footswitch and display panel.

How do I order supplies for my Alcon vision system?

To order supplies in U.S.A.: 800-862-5266 FAX: 800-241-0677 Outside U.S.A.: Contact your local Alcon representative for supplies. viii 8065751025 fConstellation Vision System IMPORTANT NOTICE Equipment improvement is an on-going process and, as such, changes may be made to the equipment after this manual is printed.

What is the output voltage of Alcon fconstellation vision system?

OUTPUT CONTROL SETTING Note: Maximum output peak-to-peak voltage is about 140V without resistive load. 1.20 8065751025 fConstellation Vision System PRODUCT SERVICE For product service, please contact Alcon’s Technical Services Department at the number provided below.

How do I contact Alcon for installation?

installation at (800) 832-7827. Outside the USA contact your local Alcon af?liate. source air pressure. The system operates automatically with pressures of 58 (4 bar) to