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However, Aloy is different than other characters in the game since shedoes not have Constellations. This is an important aspect of character advancement, but it’s possible she get could them in the future. All characters in Genshin Impact have Constellations except the main protagonist and now Aloy.

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  • Does Aloy have a constellation in Genshin Impact?

  • So, well, there it is 鈥?Aloy currently has no constellation in the game right now. For now, though Aloy in Genshin Impact can still gain companionship EXP and level up. She functions like any other character aside from her lack of constellation.

  • Does Aloy have a constellation in Star of another world?

  • All the nodes are labelled 鈥淪tar of Another World鈥?and once inspected, merely says 鈥淭he time has not yet come for this person鈥檚 corner of the night sky to light up.鈥?So, well, there it is 鈥?Aloy currently has no constellation in the game right now.

  • What does Aloy look like?

  • An agile hunter from the Nora tribe. With bow in hand, she’s always ready to protect the innocent. Aloy has pale, freckled skin and long, light auburn-brown hair, some of which is tied into braids. She has light green-brown eyes and is shown in her card art as wearing clothes in brown, blue, red, grey, black and beige, as well as heeled boots.

  • How do I get Aloy?

  • Aloy is a FREE character that can be obtain upon updating the game to the latest versions. The table below is a guide on what update will Aloy be available to claim. Obtain The Predator Weapon! Aloy is a free character alongside with her FREE Bow weapon named the Predator.