altador constellation finder

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How do I find stars and constellations with the finder?

Simply open up your star data, copy all (ctrl+A then ctrl+C) and past into your large box on the finder. Click find stars and you need the constellations for THE SLEEPER.

What is the best constellation finder for daily use?

I am using the thedailyneopets constellation finder as i have found it to be the easiest and user friendly. Simply open up your star data, copy all (ctrl+A then ctrl+C) and past into your large box on the finder. Click find stars and you need the constellations for THE SLEEPER.

Where can I find the protector constellation?

Go back to the Minitheus (in the Rock Quarry) and click on the amulet. You will see the newest constellation, the Protector!! 6. Go back to the Farm to see what the farmer has to say.

Where can I spend Neopoints in Altador?

Head to any of the three shops in Altador: Illustrious Armory , Exquisite Ambrosia , or Magical Marvels . You will need to put all your neopoints in the bank and only withdraw exactly 100 times the current inflation rate for each shop.

How many images are there in the Star Map?

Below the star map there are 12 images, one for each constellation, you can drag these over the star map to help you find your constellations. You can also click on stars to find their coordinates, however you can’t click on a star when a constellation template is on top if it.

What are guide lines?

Guide lines?: These are several lines to help you find the approximate co-ordinates of stars. Note: these will only show up if borders are on.

Can you use a star mapper in Neopets?

According to Neopets you’re not allowed to use any device that does all the work for you. This is why we have created a Star Mapper. The Star Mapper will assist you in finding your coordinates, but it does not tell you where they are, you have to find them yourself.

How often do you refresh a tab in Firefox?

Open up each tab/windows in firefox from the links below. The first 8, use the reload every (right click on your tab and choose reload every and choose custom) and set tabs/window 1 to refresh every 1 second, tab/window 2 to refresh every 2 seconds and so on to 8 seconds.

How to find the dreamer constellation?

Open up the link for the telescope and find the dreamer constellation using the constellation finder results . Connect the stars and it will look like this

How to check in on a vaeolus?

Now this part is a little tricky but is not as hard as it seems. You click this link to see the petpet. Use the Neopets clock to help. Wait till it hits dead on a minute then choose “Check in on the Vaeolus.” It will be doing one of four actions. You need to choose the correct choice for what he is doing. You need to be quick as you only have about 5 seconds. Once you have chosen the correct option you wait till the clock hit dead one minute again and choose “Check in on the Vaeolus” again and do it again. Do this 10 times correctly in a row to complete. If you make a mistake, just continue doing the same thing and you will eventually get it correct.

How many archways are there in a section?

An easy way of doing this to open each section in new tabs. There is about 8 archways in each section, so just open them all in new tabs and close them down as you go though. Once at the punch table you need to click on the punches in orders of 3. E.G, 1-1-2, 3-1-2 and so on.

How many lines after the centre line?

Basicly, you are looking to get 15 lines after the centre line. In the basement with the gears, the are 3 sets of gears, 4 on the 1sr, 2 on the 2nd and 4 on the 3rd. Put a rock in the first gear on the first line then click the button behind the janitor and see what you get. Mark this down on your note pad you opened.

Do you need money for Elixir of Petpet Healing?

Click this link then this link and click on Elixir of Petpet Healing, you wont need money for this, dont worry. Click continue.

How to get a badge in Astronomy Club?

– Part Four – 1. First, head off to the Old Follies Farm. 2. Once there, click on the door to the windmill. 3. Then, when inside the mill,pull the lever that is located to the left hand side. 4.

How many bundles of hay are there in the constellation?

5. When you see the six bundles of hay, click on them to reveal the constellation.

Is there underwater basket weaving in Altadorian Archives?

18. When you first enter the Altadorian Archives, you see a bulletin board in front of you, there is no longer underwater basket weaving, it has been replaced by the astronomy club. You can click the paper to go to the astronomy club.

Do you have to go back to the archives?

14. Again, go back to the Archives. You don’t have to do this, but it doesn’t hurt.