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What kind of ship is American Constellation?

Launched in 2017, MS American Constellation cruise ship is the first of American Cruise Lines fleet’s Modern Riverboat series – with sistership American Constitution (2018).

What is the history of the constellation?

History – construction ownership. The American Constellation name was inspired by the numerous American ships named Constellation which have honored the United States. The original US Naval sailing frigate of 1797, USS Constellation, and the newest ship of American Cruise Lines were both built in Maryland shipyards.

What is the current itinerary of American Constellation?

Current itinerary of American Constellation American Constellation current cruise is 13 days, one-way from Juneau to Seattle. The itinerary starts on 02 Sep, 2021 and ends on 15 Sep, 2021. Specifications of American Constellation

What is there to do on board American Constellation?

There are plenty of daily activities on board American Constellation to keep you busy. American Constellation from American Cruise Lines has everything a discerning cruiser could want, bars, sports venues and shops with departures from Juneau; Seattle;

How many sq ft is a veranda suite?

With a generous up to 450 sq. ft. of relaxing space, each Veranda suite includes a private walk-out balcony to enjoy the panoramic views. Considered one of the finest staterooms on any cruise ship, guests will enjoy full-size bathrooms and large living area with sliding glass door.

How many sq ft are AAM staterooms?

At 368 sq. ft., our AAM staterooms are designed to offer the privacy you desire while cruising. Located on the fourth deck, these spacious staterooms are elegantly furnished and feature floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that lead to a private walk-out balcony where the grandness of the Pacific Northwest scenery can be enjoyed.

What is the American constellation?

American Constellation. Uniquely designed to navigate the inland waterways of the Pacific Northwest, the brand new American Constellation brings guests to beautiful ports the larger ships can’t access .

What is ACL cruise?

The shipowner American Cruise Lines (ACL) is the USA‘s largest river cruise company (headquarters in Guilford Connecticut) operational since 1991. The company specializes in cruise shipping on the USA’s largest navigable inland waterways (rivers and lakes) as well as in cruises along the US East Coast, US West Coast and Florida. All ACL vessels feature some of the industry’s largest passenger cabins with private balconies, spacious lounges and outdoor deck spaces, gourmet cuisine, top-quality enrichment program with many complimentary land tours and excursions, highly-personalized service by all-American staff and crew.

What is the name of the cruise ship that was built in 2017?

The 2017-built MS American Constellation cruise ship is the first of American Cruise Lines fleet’s "Coastal Class" boats – with sistership American Constitution (2018).

How long is the American Constellation quarantined?

Unvaccinated crew onboard the small cruise ship American Constellation will quarantine on the vessel for 10 days after arriving in Juneau AK, the… For the first time in ~2 years, a cruise ship arrived in Skagway, Alaska.

How many people can be on the ACL constellation?

The ocean capable American Constellation ship with full active wing stabilization, features capacity for 163 guests. ACL Constellation caters to the discriminating eye of vacationers looking for an intimate high-end experience of a smaller vessel. Well-appointed rooms are the largest ever seen in service, with room service and tastefully furnished private balconies. Additional features include kayaks and Zodiacs that offer guests alternative ways to explore historic American destinations.

What engine does the American Constellation use?

The ship is powered by 2x Caterpillar marine engines running on low-sulfur diesel. These modern engines require less fuel and produce fewer emissions (COx, NOx, SOx) and soot particles in comparison to other boats on the US river cruising market. American Constellation User Reviews. Write a Review.

How many cabins does the American Constellation have?

ACCL’s American Constellation ship has 6 passenger decks (accessible via one elevator) and a total of 90 staterooms. The number of cabin categories is 9. Most of the accommodations are Balcony rooms, with floor-ceiling sliding doors leading to a private step-out veranda. There are no connecting rooms onboard.

How many days is Grand New England?

The 10-night / 11-day "Grand New England" cruise itinerary starts in Boston MA and visits Provincetown MA, Newport RI, Martha’s Vineyard MA, Kennebunkport ME, Camden ME, Bar Harbor ME) and Rockland ME.

What is the most popular place to visit on an American constellation cruise?

Alaska itinerary on board American Constellation from American Cruise Lines. Almost every American Constellation cruise to Alaska includes a visit to a tidewater glacier, glaciers which flow into the ocean, often with powerful calving. The most popular destinations are Glacier Bay, Hubbard Glacier, Strait of Georgia, Tracy Arm.

Where to cruise in Alaska in 2022?

The cruises nearly all call at Ketchikan, Skagway or Juneau, with some rarer alternatives for Haines, Hoonah and Sitka. Find and plan your next 2022 Alaska cruise out of Juneau, Alaska; Seattle, Washington; with American Constellation.

Where to cruise in 2021?

Find and plan your next 2021 Alaska cruise out of Juneau, Alaska; Seattle, Washington; with American Constellation.

What cruise lines are sailing in Alaska in 2021?

Enjoy magnificent scenery and unique experiences on an 2021 Alaska cruise through the beautiful Inside Passage with American Constellation from American Cruise Lines. Embark on an Alaska cruise vacation with American Constellation to America’s last great true frontier, an unspoiled wilderness of glimmering glaciers, abundant forests, towering mountains, exotic wildlife, and waterfront communities. American Cruise Lines’ fleet enables passengers to discover Alaskan unrivaled scenery while unwinding in the friendly and accommodating atmosphere created by their all-American staff. Experience the awe-inspiring wildlife and scenery that make Alaska one of the most beautiful cruise regions in the world.

Why is the USF Constellation called the Yankee Racehorse?

This frigate’s name originated from the flag of the Continental Congress. Because of her swift sailing speed and handling ability , USF Constellation soon became known as the "Yankee Racehorse.". In 1854, the Sloop of War Constellation was commissioned to carry on famous Constellation’s name.

What frigate was the Constellation fighting with?

On the evening of February 1, 1800, the Constellation engaged with a 52-gun frigate, the Vengeance, in a lengthy, furious battle. Vengeance twice struck her colors (lowered her flag in surrender) and was close to sinking. However, with a stroke of luck, Vengeance utilized the darkness of the night to escape from Constellation, who was unable to pursue further because of the loss of her mainmast.

Why did the Constellation sail for the West Indies?

Constellation convoyed American merchantmen at the outset (from June through August 1798), before sailing for the West Indies to protect United States’ commerce. Under the command of Captain Thomas Truxtun, she sailed for the Caribbean in December 1798. Subsequently, on February 9, 1799, the Constellation captured a French 40-gun frigate, L’Insurgente, in battle off Nevis, West Indies. In a hard-fought victory, she brought her prize into port. In the succeeding months, Constellation additionally encountered and seized two French privateers, Diligent and Union.

How many barrels of potatoes did the Constellation carry?

To complete the mission, Constellation’s armament and some ballast were removed. Carpenters at the New York Navy Yard built bins on the orlop deck to carry over 2,500 barrels of potatoes and flour. Upon arrival in Queenstown on April 20, she offloaded the cargo onto lighters and took on ballast for the return trip.

What time is Pier 1?

Pier 1. Today’s Hours: 10:00AM–5:00PM. The USS Constellation is a sloop-of-war, the last sail-only warship designed and built by the United States Navy. She was built in 1854, using a small amount of material salvaged from the frigate USS Constellation, which had been disassembled the year before.

What was the role of the constellation in the mid 19th century?

From November 12, 1819 to April 24, 1820, she served as flagship of Commodore Charles Morris on the Brazil Station, which entailed protecting American commerce against privateers and supporting the negotiation of trade agreements with South American nations.

Why did Vengeance use the darkness of the night?

However, with a stroke of luck, Vengeance utilized the darkness of the night to escape from Constellation, who was unable to pursue further because of the loss of her mainmast. In May 1800, Constellation additionally gained more recognition for recapturing three American merchantmen.

What was the last ship to be built driven solely by the wind for the US Navy?

Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made USS Constellation Model Boat. Famous as the last ship to be built driven solely by the wind for the US Navy. After a three-year tour of duty in the Mediterranean, the outbreak of the Civil War saw her as the flagship of the Africa Squadron patrolling against slavers. In 1865, she returned …

What is the USS Constellation model?

USS Constellation Ship Model (Standard Range) – Authentic Models (AS159) - US Premier ship Models. Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made USS Constellation Model Boat Famous as the last ship to be built driven solely by the wind for the US Navy.

When did the Constellation return to Newport?

In 1865, she returned to Newport and was decommissioned. The Constellation spent the next 75 years as training and receiving ship. During this period, she undertook a number of special assignments.

Where to cruise in Europe?

Discover some of the most exciting and beautiful destinations on a cruise through Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. You’ll visit incredible ports of call – from Barcelona, Spain to Venice, Italy through to Kotor, Montenegro and Koper, Slovenia. Stroll the beachside towns of Croatia along the Adriatic Coast and experience the stunning beauty of Bled Lake and Bled Island up close. Explore the UNESCO protected town of Kotor surrounded by the captivating Dinaric Alps. Experience amazing ruins in Montenegro, world-renowned cuisine in Sicily, and a wealth of extraordinary history as you make your way through this fascinating corner of the world.

What are accessible staterooms?

Our accessible staterooms are designed with wider doors, roll-in showers, grab bars, and other special features for guests with mobility issues and other disabilities.

What is the best place to visit in the Caribbean?

Explore the historical forts of San Juan, one of the first established cities in the New World. The tranquil blue waters of the Caribbean are perfect for all sorts of water sports including scuba diving, canoeing, and snorkeling.

Is the Celebrity Constellation a good ship?

Celebrity Constellation is a great ship. Luigi, the cruise director, and his "Angels" provided excellent entertainment. Production shows were great. The new Qsine is great fun!

Who is the chef at Tuscan Grille?

From delectable meals at Tuscan Grille to Chef’s Table by Chef Daniel Boulud, you’ll savor fantastic cuisine that takes your palate to new heights and satisfies your appetite every night.