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What is the difference between antique world globes and celestial globes?

Antique World Globes and Celestial Globes. Antique globes of Earth delineate the political boundaries of nations and the understanding of cartography at a given point in world history. Celestial globes display the geographical features of the moon and planets, as well as the arrangement of constellations in the sky.

How many constellations are there on the constellations Globe?

A must-have for astronomy enthusiasts, this constellations globe displays all 88 constellations for your viewing pleasure with no forecast of cloudy skies. Bring the brilliance of the night sky right in your living room with this constellations globe.

How are the constellations depicted in the stars?

Each of the 88 constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union are depicted using a series of star shapes, dots, and lines to give the impression of varied distances and sizes. Stars and constellations are shown in a metallic silver tone atop a deep black backdrop, allowing every shape to pop.

How accurate are constellation mappings?

Although some stars are many times farther away than others, constellation mappings can accurately portray their apparent positions in the sky, as well as the location of the celestial equator and north and south poles. What is an orrery?

Constellation Globe

Provoke the imagination in new ways. This illuminated globe shows stars, constellations, and nebulae when not lit. Turn the light on and witness the luminous beauty of approximately 70 celestial images. Features molded black base and smoke semi-meridian.

Illuminated World Globe For Kids With Wooden Stand – Night View Stars Constellation Pattern Globe With Detailed Colorful World ,Built-In LED Bulb, Educational Gift, Night Stand Decor 8Inch

education world globe can also allow children to learn geography and humanities knowledge while observing the world globe.


This Globe 4" Stars and Constellations is compact but packed with interesting information about the constellations. Featuring the signature swivel and tilt technology this globe is easy to rotate in any direction. A semi-meridian and sturdy stand adds functionality to this cute, little model. The assembled globe is 5.3" in height.

Globe with Inbuilt LED

Grant a scientific touch to your existing home decor setup by bringing in this beautiful decorative globe. Supported by a stable metal base, it features an upper globe with a world map and a smaller globe with constellations, incorporated with inbuilt LED lights that illuminate it from within.

Magnetic Levitating LED Light Globe

This product is a 6 inch blue rotating magnetic levitation globe. It comes with a led light that makes it look very cool when turned on in the dark. after plugging in, find the center of the suspension, suspend in the middle of normal, then you can adjust the lights, there is a constellation luminous effect.

Constellations On Stand Globe

Elevate how you decorate with this unique Constellation Globe on a Stand. Crafted out of metal and plastic– instead of land and sea this globe features constellations demarcated in gold on a black surface– accented with golden base and latitude finder Ã? a striking complement to any type of decor. Other decorative globes also available.

Constellation on Acrylic Base Globe

A colorful, hand-applied political map globe and celestial cover this dual globe on an acrylic meridian base with a geographic map. Turn on the light switch and behold the earth’s physical environment in brilliant, harmonious colors with an equally impressive wealth of geographic and celestial information.

How long is the warranty on a mova globe?

MOVA Globes are assembled by hand using the highest quality materials. Every MOVA Globe is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the original date of purchase when handled with proper care. Read full warranty.

How many constellations are there on the globe?

A must-have for astronomy enthusiasts, this constellations globe displays all 88 constellations for your viewing pleasure with no forecast of cloudy skies.

How do solar cells work?

Hidden solar cells use ambient natural or artificial light for power, while the earth’s magnetic field provides the necessary torque. These elements work seamlessly to power a ‘whisper-quiet’ mechanism , allowing the globe to rotate within its clear outer shell.

What are the different types of globes?

Desktop world globes are available in many varieties, including black, blue ocean, gemstone globes, antique styled desktop globes and much, much more. You can find completely transparent desk globes and even contemporary styled globes that are small enough to fit on your desktop or workstation but large enough and detailed enough to make a stunning impression.

How to choose a world globe?

Are you looking for a desk world globe that has more focus on the design? Choose one that complements your surroundings, be it a chic and modern style or a rich, antique style world globe. If the price is an issue, choose an affordable model that looks great no matter where you put it! Desktop world globes are versatile and durable, making great gifts and even better reference tools.

What are space globes made of?

Space globes are made of various planets in our solar system as well as sets that show the relationship and general location to the sun .

How wide is a diplomat stand?

Most corporate offices have 36-inch door widths, which will be fine. The stand, although about 40 inches wide, can easily be placed on its side without the globe and brought through a door. If your budget and space allow the Diplomat makes a great addition!

How big is a globe ball?

With its large size, it is vital to make sure it fits the space you are looking to fill. The globe ball is right at 32 inches, so your door or window size depending on how you will bring it in, will need to allow for this. Most corporate offices have 36-inch door widths, which will be fine.

How big is the Diplomat Globe?

A wise investment by any standards, the Diplomat Globe features a 32-inch glob e with a hand-cut and applied map in antique ocean political stylings. It includes illumination. An elegant and regal work of art that is indeed the piece de resistance.

What is a cradle mounted globe?

As you notice from the pictures, this is a cradle mounted globe which allows the globe ball to spin east to west or west to east smoothly. Also, it can be turned like a steering wheel, round and round, allowing you to see all parts of the globe.