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What was the last vintage constellation with a pie pan dial?

From my experience, it seems the last mechanical vintage Constellation with a pie-pan dial was manufactured for Japan in 1974, the reference 168.0065 which used a calibre 1011 chronometer grade movement with date. The pie-pan dial is slightly flatter than the early versions, and dauphine hands are still present.

What is the difference between Omega and pie pan dial?

The pie-pan dial is slightly flatter than the early versions, and dauphine hands are still present. The raised steel Omega wording is located in the lower portion of the dial on this rare version. The Omega crown is not the 10-sided version, but rather a round crown.

What is the rarest Omega Constellation chronometer?

Omega Constellation Chronometer Officially Certified reference 168005/6. This Omega is in 18k yellow gold with a silver “pie-pan” dial that is in excellent condition and has an autom… This is an extremely rare Omega Constellation in 18k white gold from the 1960s.

Are Omega constellations 1960 available for men?

If you’re browsing our inventory for an omega constellation 1960, you’ll find that many are available today for men, but there are still pieces to choose from for unisex and women. How Much is a Omega Constellation 1960?

What is Omega Chronometer Grade Cal.561?

This Omega Chronometer Grade Cal.561, 24 Jewel Automatic Movement was one of Omega’s first full rotor automatics, as opposed to the ‘Bumper’ automatic movement which had been the standard until this point. This movement is held in high regard by Omega aficionados.

What is the pink gold dial called?

The beautifully restored two-tone pink gold dial is finished with onyx inlaid applied pink gold batons and matching original Dauphine hands. This is the ‘Pie Pan’, which is the most sought after of dials among Omega collectors and is so called because it resembles the shape of an upturned pie pan.

What is Omega watch?

Since the company was founded in 1848, Omega has pioneered a huge range of innovations. Britain’s Royal Flying Corps chose Omega watches in 1917 as official timekeepers for its pilots and again in 1940, RAF Pilots watches were supplied by Omega. The 40s also saw the first tourbillon wristwatch and the first of the famous Seamaster watches, whilst the 50s and 60s introduced the legendary Constellation, Speedmaster, Seamaster 300 and Railmaster. Over these years, everyone from John F Kennedy to Elvis wore Omega watches on official duties. What’s more, in 1962, astronaut Wally Schirra took his Omega Speedmaster into space on NASA’s Mercury Sigma 7 mission and in 1969 two Speedmasters landed on the moon, worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

How Much is a Omega Constellation 1960?

On average, an omega constellation 1960 at 1stDibs sells for $3,850, while they’re typically $1,100 on the low end and $33,000 for the highest priced versions of this item.

What size watch fits a 7.75" watch?

We are pleased to offer this Vintage Stainless Steel Omega Constellation Mens Watch. It features an automatic movement set in a 36mm stainless steel case. It will fit up to a 7.75" w…

What is Omega Constellation 168.017?

This pre-owned Omega Constellation 168.017 is a beautiful men’s timepiece that is powered by mechanical (automatic) movement which is cased in a stainless steel case. It has a round…

What was the first watch to make a lunar landing?

It’s a celebrated part of Omega lore that the brand’s Speedmaster Professional Chronograph was the first watch to make a lunar landing. But the universal love for vintage Omega watches isn’t confined to astronomers, and there’s more to the company’s heritage than the story of the Moonwatch.

Where is the Omega Constellation bracelet?

Omega White Gold Constellation Bracelet Wristwatch, circa 1960s. By Omega. Located in Miami Beach, FL. This is an extremely rare Omega Constellation in 18k white gold from the 1960s. Typically this model comes in steel, yellow gold or rose gold, and it is extremely difficult to find o…

When did Omega become an official supplier?

In 1917, the British Royal Flying Corps designated Omega as an official supplier, and during World War II it became the principal watch supplier for the British forces and their allies. These commissions further strengthened Omega’s commitment to ensuring its products’ reliability under extreme conditions. In 1948, it launched the versatile Seamaster. Developed as a dive watch, the Seamaster proved its durability at high altitudes and freezing temperatures, as well.

When did James Bond use Omega watches?

Thanks in part to its rugged reputation and Omega’s links to the British military, it became James Bond’s watch of choice in 1995, appearing in GoldenEye and every succeeding Bond movie; it is set to return in 2021’s No Time to Die. Nevertheless, the most famous Omega by far is the Speedmaster, introduced in 1957. The first chronograph to display its tachymeter scale on the bezel instead of the dial for easier readability, it was quickly adopted by engineers and scientists.

What is the Omega Constellation?

The Omega Constellation is so easily wearable. It’s one of those vintage watches almost every collector seeks at some point in their perpetual search for another piece to add to their collection. First appearing in 1952, the Constellation was designed to be Omega’s bellwether watch. This was the brand’s first mass-produced chronometer grade wristwatch and the brainchild of designer René Bannwart (who later founded Corum.) The Constellation was originally called the ‘Globemaster’ in the USA, though it was dropped in 1956 as Douglas Aircraft, manufacturers of the huge transport planes of the same name, held the trademark on the name. (As an aside, last year Omega brought that historic Globemaster name back, in a watch that channels the spirit of the original). And while the Constellation has a long and broad history, today I’m going to focus on its golden age, which ran from 1952 to the 1970s.

What is the Geneva Observatory logo?

This denotes chronometer grade status of the movement, which means it’s been subjected to a series of performance tests including various temperatures and positions, and remained accurate to between +6 and -4 seconds per day. When evaluating a Constellation, dealers and collectors rate the level of wear or over-polishing by looking closely at the stars in the Constellation logo. In the best examples, all the stars appear clearly, and haven’t been worn down over time.

What is the most popular bracelet in the constellation?

Two varieties stand out as most popular in the vintage range of Constellation bracelets. The ‘beads of rice’ bracelet is the first, closely followed by the brick link style. In solid gold, you will also find the Milanese woven. Personally, I prefer a leather band with an authentic Omega buckle to complete the look – if you can find one.

Why do my hands have patina?

Often hands will take on their own patina due to moisture and breakdown of the plating, with spotting most visible when viewed at an angle. And, sure, it’s great to have pristine hands that reflect the light like a mirror, but you can’t always get that – so having an original set of hands that matches the age of the dial is always an asset. Be sure to check that the second hand extends to the edge of the seconds register. Any more or less suggests it may not be original, and certainly warrants a more thorough inspection.

What is the most sought after gold?

Platinum cases are rare as hen’s teeth, while the stainless steel grasshopper lug version is among the most sought after – and an excellent choice for anyone wishing to start off their collection.


The still FACTORY ORIGINAL (non-refurbished) dial has some patina matching its age. The crystal is in immaculate, scratch-free, condition. The case has some signs of wear. Please consider the pictures as well as the age of the watch. The crown has been swapped in the service history of the watch.


Last service in 2019. The watch movement runs perfectly and all functions work perfectly as well.

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What is the datejust dial?

The silver pie pan dial on this two tone Datejust is just as understated and classy as the watch itself. This vintage reference dating from 1969/1970 is an all-around stand out piece, outfitted with a dressy Jubilee bracelet and 18k gold fluted bezel — giving this typically understated watch a much more elevated feel. The pie pan dial quite literally does the same, giving the face some added dimension and further accentuating the gold hands and matching hour markers.

What is a day date watch?

The Day-Date is a watch commonly found with a Pie Pan Dial.

What is the Omega Constellation?

The Omega Constellation is a watch similar to the Globemaster, but retains its own signature look. (Image Credit: Omega)

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