omega constellation calibre 564

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What is Omega calibre 564?

This is the very high grade, ‘Officially Certified Chronometer’, Omega Calibre 564 automatic, copper-plated beryllium-bronze 24 Jewel movement which as can be seen, is in absolute tip-top, sparkling condition. These movements have a very efficient self-winding mechanism and are highly accurate and reliable.

What kind of movement does Omega Constellation 18ct have?

Here we have an 18ct yellow gold Omega Constellation in amazing condition from 1968 with an 18ct OM (or Massif) solid gold brushed dial, hands and batons. This watch carries the truly excellent Calibre 564, 24 Jewel movement which was Omega’s state of the art movement during the early 1960s.

Are Omega watches accurate?

The movement is signed ‘Omega Watch Co. Swiss’, ‘Twenty Four Jewels’, and ‘Cal. 564 Adjusted 5 Positions’ with the serial number 26978994 which dates the watch to 1968. These watches are well known for their exceedingly robust, accurate and reliable movements making this watch perfect for everyday use or simply as evening wear only – as you wish.

Commitment to authenticity

We require all dealers to sign a document stating that they will exclusively list authentic watches on our platform. If a dealer is proven to be selling counterfeit watches, we reserve the right to take appropriate disciplinary action.

Refunds on counterfeits

If you have any doubts about a watch’s authenticity, you have 14 days to report your suspicions to our support team. In the rare instance that the watch is counterfeit, Chrono24 will refund you the full purchase price.

Chrono24’s quality & security team

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Borowatch87 Nov 4, 2016

I am new to the site and wanted some advise as I was looking to add the above to my collection.

ConElPueblo Nov 4, 2016

I’d say it’s priced at the higher end of the scale, but not outrageously so. I’d like to see a pie-pan dial for that amount. No loss in value as long as it’s an original Omega one (has an engraving in the middle), and a very slight loss in case of a generic replacement.

Borowatch87 Nov 4, 2016

He did say it was an original omega one, he has also kept the crystal they replaced. I was thinking more around the £1300-£1400 and see if he bites.

Borowatch87 Nov 5, 2016

Hi, thank you for the detailed response. The watch is indeed in the UK, however it does not have original strap or crown so was curious as to how much this affects what people are generally willing to pay. I will attach a picture of the inner case back if that helps.

Borowatch87 Nov 5, 2016

He had originally priced it at £1850 which in my opinion was on the high side, plus it has remained unsold for over 3 weeks. Would the fact it is British made and not Dennison lower the value/collectability?

Peemacgee Purrrr-veyor of luxury cat box loungers Nov 5, 2016

He had originally priced it at £1850 which in my opinion was on the high side, plus it has remained unsold for over 3 weeks. Would the fact it is British made and not Dennison lower the value/collectability?
Do you think the spotting is likely to get worse if I wear the watch sparingly and its kept boxed and dry most of the time?

Borowatch87 Nov 5, 2016

An article on that link you sent does state that it isn’t uncommon for shackman to case a 564 from the late 60’s


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