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People also ask

  • Why is Atlanta Gas Light on my bill?

  • No matter which marketer you select, you鈥檒l see charges from our company, Atlanta Gas Light, on your bill. These charges are for the cost of delivering gas to your home, pipeline maintenance and meter reading. View more information about we calculate these charges below.

  • What is Atlanta Gas Light鈥檚 seasonal rate plan?

  • In February 2001, Atlanta Gas Light implemented a seasonal rate plan for DDDC charges. Billing follows the traditional winter and summer usage patterns. What鈥檚 the impact on consumers like you? The seasonal rate plan results in higher base charges in winter (more gas use) and lower base charges in summer (less gas use).

  • Is Atlanta Gas Light a gas company?

  • Atlanta Gas Light is a natural gas utility. If you live in its service area, the company delivers natural gas to your home and maintains the infrastructure. If you experience an outage, you will need to contact it. A supplier, or gas marketer, is the company that sets your rates and bills you each month.

  • What is the base charge on my gas bill?

  • When you receive your natural gas bill each month from your marketer, a portion of the bill is a base charge from Atlanta Gas Light. This base charge, regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission, may adjust rates up or down based on quarterly and annual comprehensive regulatory reviews.