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Ayaka has three notable constellations: her first,second,and sixth ones. The first constellation is called Snowswept Sakura and it has a 50 percent chance to decrease the cooldown of her elemental skill by 0.3 seconds whenever Ayaka deals Cryo damage through her regular attacks.

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  • Are constellations in Genshin Impact worth it for Ayaka?

  • As Ayaka is a 5-star Genshin Impact character, constellations will be quite difficult to unlock without spending money. Thankfully, they appear to be nice bonuses instead of necessities.

  • Who is Ayaka in Genshin Impact?

  • Kamisato Ayaka was first known to players after having her skills leaked in the first Genshin Impact closed beta. Since then, her playstyle has been thoroughly heated by players, especially one of her special abilities. In this guide, players will learn more about Ayaka’s skills, talents, constellations and ascension materials needed for her.

  • Who is Kamisato Ayaka?

  • Kamisato Ayaka ( Japanese: 绁為噷缍捐彲) is an upcoming Cryo character in Genshin Impact . She was playable during the first Closed Beta Test in July 2019. She will be officially released in Version 2.0 . Daughter of the Yashiro Commission ‘s Kamisato Clan. Dignified and elegant, as well as wise and strong. What warm weather.

  • What is Ayaka’s attack pattern?

  • Ayaka’s standard and charged attack patterns are similar to most Genshin Impact sword users. Her standard attack pattern consists of five rapid strikes while her charged attacks will use stamina to unleash a flurry of sword ki. However, her sprint introduces a mechanic that’s different from other Genshin Impact characters.