constellation buys ballast point

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$1 billion

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  • Why did Constellation Brands fail to grow Ballast Point?

  • Since acquiring Ballast Point for roughly $3,500 per barrel, Constellation has failed to grow the brand nationally, and the company has admitted to overpaying for the brand by recording nearly $200 million in impairment charges in 2019 and 2017.

  • How much did Ballast Point sell for?

  • Ballast Point Was Once Valued at $1 Billion. It Just Sold for a ‘Surprisingly Low’ Amount Chicago’s Kings Convicts purchased the brewery from Constellation Brands which paid $1 billion for it four years ago. Buy low; sell high. It’s an obvious investing maxim but it bears repetition for a good reason: It goes against human nature.

  • Could Ballast Point be a sustainable national brand?

  • And sure, Ballast Point may not generate the kind of excitement it did back when Sculpin IPA was taking the world by storm, but they at least have a chance to become a sustainable national brand with the right guiding hand. That said, Constellation probably never hoped that Ballast Point would become a losing venture for them.

  • What happened to craft beer trends after Ballast Point acquisition?

  • 鈥淭rends in the U.S. craft beer segment have shifted dramatically since our acquisition of Ballast Point,鈥?Constellation Brands president and CEO Bill Newlands said via the release.