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  • What is Cuphead’s first aerial encounter like?

  • Cuphead’s adventures have him fighting enemies on land, in the sea, and the air. One sky-bound enemy, Hilda Berg, is Cuphead’s first aerial encounter. It’ll take some training and patience to overcome this challenge.

  • What constellations does Hilda Berg transform into?

  • Throughout this phase, Hilda Berg will transform into one of three constellations, which are as follows: Taurus – Hilda Berg transforms into a huge horned bull made of clouds and stars.

  • Who is Cuphead in dbx?

  • You’re all free of the Devil’s debt! Cuphead is the main character and protagonist of the eponymous video game series. He appeared in the 67th episode of DBX where he battled against Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine. Cuphead Vs. Dipper Pines Cuphead VS. Imposter (Completed) Indie Game Battle Royale!

  • How do you beat Hilda Berg in Cuphead?

  • Hilda Berg is a very difficult boss in Cuphead, mostly because you鈥檙e confined to an airplane for the battle. Go left of the Goopy tree and up the hill. Here you will need to go through the airplane tutorial before the bridge materializes. When you are ready, enter the 鈥淎 Threatenin鈥?Zeppelin鈥?fight. Hilda is a giant blimp who rides a unicycle.