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What is a constellation piercing and should you get one?

The great thing about a constellation piercing is that it consists of multiple piercings. If, one day, you’re not feeling the constellation look, you can wear whatever jewelry fits in those piercings.

Why choose Body Electric for your piercing?

Body Electric’s piercing knowledge, professionalism and jewelry can not be beat, stocking only the highest quality body jewelry from manufactures in the United States including Anatometal, Neometal, Industrial Strength and Body Vision.

How can I get an accurate price for my piercing?

To get an accurate price, you should visit the shop and see our beautiful selection of jewelry in person to see which piece of jewelry you would like to wear in your piercing.

How bad do constellation piercings hurt?

The pain of a constellation piercing doesn’t come from the individual piercings (which won’t hurt more than regular cartilage or lobe piercings). It comes from the discomfort of getting pierced multiple times.

How much is a piercing discount?

For more than one of the same piercing in the same sitting, each piercing is discounted $5. For different piercings done in the same sitting, each piercing after the first is discounted $5.

Is surface anchor removal discounted?

Surface Anchor Removals are not discounted for multiples.

Do you tip a piercer?

Tipping. If you are happy with the service provided, you are encouraged to tip your piercer to thank them for a job well done—but this is in no way required. Like in other service-based industries, 20% is standard, but if you love the service you’ve received you can always tip more! All tips are appreciated.

Why do piercing studios charge more for forward helix?

This is likely because the forward helix area is more difficult to reach and requires more expertise.

How much does a septum nose piercing cost?

The septum nose piercing needs to be precisely placed, so it typically costs a little more than the nostril piercing at $40 – $75.

How much does it cost to get a helix piercing?

Service fees for the helix piercing will be somewhere between $30 – $60. At most studios, you can expect to pay around $35 – $40. If you want to get multiple helix piercings at once, some studios may offer a small discount, but others might charge you the full price for both. Be sure to pick a studio that offers free consultation during healing.

How much does a belly button piercing cost?

Typically, prices are around $40 – $55. As with every piercing, consultation should be free, but it’s even more important with the belly button piercing; if your navel jewelry starts to be rejected, you want to be able to see your piercer so that they can let you know next steps.

Where is the daith located?

Since the daith is located in the inner ear, it can be a bit difficult for piercers to reach. Depending on the studio, you might expect to spend a bit more on the daith piercing than other cartilage piercings, but sometimes they cost the same. When you’re trying to choose a piercer, look for daith piercings in their portfolio and try to find some reviews on the piercing to know whether the higher cost is worth it.

What to know before getting a new piercing?

Before you get a new piercing, it’s imperative that you do your research. You need to know what to expect, whether your anatomy allows for the type of piercing that you want, and you need to find a reputable piercer.

Can you get a belly button piercing for cheap?

The belly button piercing tends to see a lot of jewelry rejection if it isn’t pierced correctly, so you want to make sure that you see a reputable piercer for this piercing. While you can get your navel pierced for quite cheap, you might want to budget more for an excellent shop.

What is body electric?

Body Electric is a passionate provider of specialized tattoo designs and piercing services with veteran artists who possess over 100 years combined experience. And it’s Thompson intention that the local landmark serve as his legacy long after he is gone.

What is the most popular curation of Thompson?

When I asked Thompson what his most popular curations are at present he said, “delicate diamond studs and motifs like star s or tiny floral designs, dainty gold hoops and created in a constellation style pattern which is very feminine or edgy depending on the earrings you wear…

Who is the God of piercings?

Brian is the God of Piercing in LA and the man behind the “constellation piercing” trend . His store, Body Electric Tattoo is the go to place for piercing and tattoos by LA’s A-listers such as Beyonce and Jessica Alba. “I’ve been doing piercings for about 10 years”, said Beyonce’s personal ear piercer to the Hollywood Reporter, “and piercings have been around for thousands of years…

When did Brian Keith Thompson get his tattoos?

When celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson started getting tattoos in the late 1990s, his family sat him down for an intervention…

Is piercing a science?

Keep in mind that piercing isn’t an exact science, so different experts recommend different techniques, but these are the experts we trust. Thompson puts it best: "Talk to 100 piercers and you’re probably going to hear 100 forms of aftercare…"

Who said your ears are meant to be decorated?

As celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson once told us, your ears are meant to be decorated — and by the looks of our Instagram saved collections, he’s not wrong. We’ve rounded up some of the raddest new piercings we can’t wait to get this season, ahead…

Who is the founder of Body Electric Tattoo?

Celebrity piercer extraordinaire and founder of Body Electric Tattoo Brian Keith Thompson joined us live to talk about the hottest piercing trends right now. For more info on Brian, you can go to the Body Electric Tattoo website or follow him on Instagram.

What are constellation piercings?

Constellation piercings consist of multiple lobe and/or cartilage piercings that are meant to mimic the night sky.

How much does a constellation piercing hurt?

The pain of a constellation piercing doesn’t come from the individual piercings (which won’t hurt more than regular cartilage or lobe piercings ). It comes from the discomfort of getting pierced multiple times.

What if I don’t want to get pierced multiple times?

If needles make you queasy, then you probably don’t want to sit through the multiple piercings it takes to get the constellation look. In that case, shop for jewelry that might remind you of your favorite constellation on a starry night. You can choose cute stars, half moons, or pick some jewelry with the gemstone associated with your star sign.

What do you wear to wear constellations?

To complete the constellation look, however, you should wear cartilage or earring studs with similar designs. Most people opt for dainty gemstones or stars for a look that’s true to the constellation. You can also choose simple beads or other styles that complement the constellation look.

What to do if you feel faint after a piercing?

If you start to feel faint, drink some water and have a protein bar. If it doesn’t go away, it’s okay to go home and finish the piercing another day.

Can you get a constellation piercing done at once?

Depending on the constellation that you choose, you might be looking at quite a few piercings in one sitting. While there’s no health reason why you can’t get them all done at once, you need to pay attention to your body throughout the process, and don’t be afraid to take a break. Listen to your piercer; if your constellation piercing is located in a place that could swell significantly, they might have you wait a week or so between piercings to allow swelling to recede in between piercing sessions.