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  • What are the different types of Swarovski bracelets?

  • From statement women’s bangles to crystal bracelets that add a finishing touch to any outfit, Swarovski has a style to suit any taste. Browse our range of women鈥檚 bracelets in a variety of different finishes, including rose-gold tone, gold tone and silver.

  • Why wear a Swarovski bracelet?

  • There are lots of beautiful, elegant and chic bracelets for women to explore and wear time after time. With both beautifully minimalist designs and stand-out pieces, like our glitzy crystal encrusted cuffs, to choose from, Swarovski has a selection of bracelets to satisfy any style.

  • How much does a Min Min Swarovski bracelet cost?

  • Min. Price 69.00 $ Max. Price 1290.00 $ Discover our collection of bracelets for women and find the perfect accessory to adorn your wrist. From statement women’s bangles to crystal bracelets that add a finishing touch to any outfit, Swarovski has a style to suit any taste.

  • How to choose the best Crystal tennis bracelet?

  • Select gold-tone or silver, off set with the beautiful white crystals for a dazzling statement. If you want to keep it classic but with a stylish twist, then our Crystal Tennis Bracelet with blue and white stones or green stones offers sophistication and elegance with a modern touch.

    omega constellation bracelet adjustment

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  • How do you resize Omega watches?

  • Fortunately, resizing Omega watches is not too difficult. As long as a person knows how to remove links from a watch, he can re-size it. Take one end of the bracelet off of the connection at the watch face. This can be done by lining up the drift pin with a pin located in the watch鈥檚 links and then turning the screw.

  • Is the Omega Constellation a good watch?

  • The Omega Constellation is so easily wearable. It鈥檚 one of those vintage watches almost every collector seeks at some point in their perpetual search for another piece to add to their collection. First appearing in 1952, the Constellation was designed to be Omega鈥檚 bellwether watch.

  • How do I lock my Omega Seamaster bracelet?

  • The bracelet illistrated below is from an Omega Seamaster In the center section, there is a locking sleeve. Notice it is has a notch close to each end. This corresponds with a crimp in ONE end of the pin. When you insert the pin back into the bracelet, aligning the holes, make sure the crimp end of the pin goes in last.

  • Where do you put the Omega logo on a gold-filled crown?

  • And while the gold-filled crowns are often found with the gold worn off where the Omega logo appears, it鈥檚 better to stick with that than replace it with the wrong version. Another iconic Constellation feature is the Geneva Observatory logo on the case rear.