okami constellations

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In 艑kami constellations are usuallyfound upon completing a certain task. Once the task has been completed Amaterasu with see a light shining down from the sky. Upon looking at the light, a set of large stars will appear and an image showing the shape of a Brush God will appear.

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  • What is the difference between 艑kami and 艑kamiden?

  • In 艑kami, the Brush Gods transform themselves into Praise and are absorbed by Amaterasu, but in 艑kamiden, the gods’ children just summon a Praise Orb as opposed to actually turning into one. All of the brush gods names except Chibiterasu, Amaterasu, and Shiranui end in gami ( 绁?god ).

  • Where can I find itegami?

  • Itegami is the Celestial Brush god of Blizzard and the Ox of the East Asia zodiac. He is found at Wawku Shrine trapped within the Blizzard machine, forced to blow snow and ice over Kamui. Once freed, he returns the Blizzard Celestial Brush technique to Amaterasu, and summons the other Celestial Brush gods to give her Solar Flare .

  • What animal is kabegami in the East Asia Zodiac?

  • She represents the sheep in the East Asia zodiac. Kabegami is a small cat who is the goddess of walls. The Cat is not normally part of the twelve East Asia zodiac animals, having been tricked out of a spot by the rat (differing based on versions of astrology), but is found in the rabbit’s place in the Vietnamese zodiac.

  • Who are the Hanagami and Sakigami?

  • The Hanagami are a trio of monkeys known as the flora gods. Sakigami plays a sh艒. Hasugami plays the shinobue. Tsutagami plays a pair of cymbals. All three represent the monkey in the East Asia zodiac. Bakugami is the boar of explosions who is followed by four flame-wielding piglets. He represents the pig in the East Asia zodiac.