constellation cake

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  • Where can I find a constellation quilt pattern?

  • Haptic Lab have this beautiful constellation quilt pattern over in their shop. You can choose between the northern hemisphere or the southern and make your quilt completely personalised with different embroidery stitches. Purchase the pattern and start stitching the stars.

  • What color is inside a Zodiac cake?

  • This cake holds a colorful surprise inside! Galaxy blue, green, and purple hues are swirled in tangy buttermilk cake batter. The cake is wrapped in a night sky of black fondant with zodiac constellations painted on using white food color.

  • How can I use constellations in my home?

  • Constellation art on the walls, on your clothes and even in your ears 鈥?let your obsession take over! Almost Makes Perfect shows you how to make your own constellations coasters over on her blog.

  • How many constellation Arts and crafts are there?

  • Here’s 34 constellation arts and crafts to bring the galaxy into your home. Bring the galaxy into your home with these crafty constellation arts and crafts projects! There鈥檚 everything from zodiac embroidery to starry night clay DIYs so no matter your discipline you鈥檒l find a project that suits you.