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What are Seagate’s Constellation Enterprise hard drives?

Seagate’s Constellation enterprise hard drives come in 6Gbps SAS and SATA interfaces; we pit them against one another using the second-gen Constellation.2 2.5″ drive and fifth-gen Constellation ES.2 3.5″ drive. The following models are participating in this review:

What is the warranty period of a Seagate product?

Warranty Period The Seagate warranty starts on the date of the Product shipment to the Seagate OEM, distributor or retailer. The Seagate warranty expires the last day of the Product warranty period specified in the Seagate published limited warranty periods or Product packaging, or whichever is longer.

What is the Seagate constellation CS?

The Seagate Constellation CS is a drive designed specifically for enterprise organizations who are on a tight capital budget for low-priority data but don’t want the risk of using consumer drives for enterprise workloads.

Can I return a Seagate product outside the US?

Regional Restrictions Apply This Product was originally sold in a different country or region. Seagate may not accept warranty claims for Products you return outside the country or region where the Product was first shipped to a Seagate authorized distributor or reseller. Learn More Where to Buy

What is the sticker on the top of the Seagate hard drive?

Seagate has a pretty consistent scheme with their labeling and hard drive design. The top cover includes the basic black on white sticker stuck on top of the vibration dampening plate on the top cover. The design doesn’t vary much compared to the consumer B3TB Barracuda XT line.

What size is a constellation?

The smaller Constellation models keep the same look, but scale it down for the 2.5-inch form-factor. Both 3.5 and 2.5-inch models clearly display the designed interface standard on the drive label to indicate if they are a SATA or SAS connection.

Which is better, the SAS or the Constellation.2?

Generally the 1TB Constellation.2 beats out the 3TB Constellation ES.2 across the board; the differences range from 1% to 18% comparing the SATA drives only. Just looking at the Constellation.2, the SAS drive shows undoubtedly better numbers. The differences between the SAS drive and the SATA drive range from 2% to 21%.

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Product description

SEAGATE CONSTELLATION ES.2 3TB INTERNAL HARD DRIVE. 1 YEAR WARRANTY. This drive is compatible with any SATA controller that supports Long-LBA addressing.

Important information

Brand new from Seagate. Bare drive only, no packaging or accessories. Guarantee not DOA.

How much latency does the Constellation CS have?

Over the duration of our primary tests at varying thread and queue depth levels, Constellation CS had solid max latency with the second lowest max latency at 410ms for the 2 threads and 2 queue depth level. At the 16 thread and 16 queue depth level, the CS had was in the middle of the pack at 4,812ms.

How much read standard deviation does the Seagate Constellation CS have?

Reviewing the 4K latency consistency in our standard deviation section, the Seagate Constellation CS tested at 560.60ms read standard deviation. It came in at 436.15ms write standard deviation. The Constellation CS 3TB was able to edge out the WD Black 4TB in read activity deviation, but the Black 4TB was better in write activity.

How many IOPS does a Seagate Constellation CS 3TB SED have?

The Seagate Constellation CS 3TB SED measured 115 IOPS read and 154 IOPS write, which beat out the WD Black 4TB, but couldn’t match the other drives.

What is a Seagate Constellation CS?

The Seagate Constellation CS is a drive designed specifically for enterprise organizations who are on a tight capital budget for low-priority data but don’t want the risk of using consumer drives for enterprise workloads. Constellation CS drives offer the lowest per-gigabyte cost that organizations will find in the enterprise market, making them worthwhile to consider for deployment. The Constellation CS offers that standards that enterprises look for – it’s a 7,200 RPM, 3.5-inch HDD that offers capacities that range up to 3TB. It goes even further though as it is also offered as an SED with Instant Secure Erase to keep data integrity high while making drives reaching retirement age easy to take out of operation.

What is 128k test?

It is a large block sequential test that shows the highest sequential transfer speed for a platter drive. Looking at the 128k performance of 100% write and 100% read activity, the Constellation CS 3TB measured strongly at 190066 KB/s read and 188698 KB/s write, which were solid marks in both read and write activity.

How many threads are in a benchmark hard drive?

Our enterprise hard drive benchmark process preconditions each drive into steady-state with the same workload the device will be tested with under a heavy load of 16 threads with an outstanding queue of 16 per thread, and then tested in set intervals in multiple thread/queue depth profiles to show performance under light and heavy usage. Since hard drives reach their rated performance level very quickly, we only graph out the main sections of each test.

What is SED encryption?

Organizations can select optional Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) models that feature Instant Secure Erase. The integrity of drive is thus unlikely to be compromised thanks to the encryption and the Instant Secure Erase feature that is able to render all data unintelligible in a matter of just seconds.