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$ 7,958
Omega Constellation Pie Pan Papiere Onyx Indices 18K Gold Automatic Automatik Service$7,958+$299 for shipping

Can my Omega be repaired by post?

Repairs by post offer a wide range of services for your Omega. We provide expert repair and restoration services covered by a 24-month guarantee. We also provide repair and restoration services for vintage pieces. For example, Omega cases and bracelets can be polished and refurbished to look almost new.

Are You returning my watch to the Omega Factory?

Yes, indeed we are. In fact our watchmakers have to pass Omega’s own examinations, otherwise known as bench tests, in order to ensure that your watch is returned to you in exactly the same way as if you sent it directly to Omega’s main factory for a repair or service.

Why choose an Omega service centre?

As for our service centre, that has been built to Omega’s strict specifications and meticulously inspected to meet the high standards set in terms of cleanliness, ventilation and equipment testing; providing the perfect environment for everything from servicing and restoration to polishing cases and bracelets to Omega showroom specification.

What are the different Omega Constellation dials?

Omega – Constellation Automatic Black Dial… Omega Constellation Globemaster Master Chronometer Annual… Omega Constellation Globemaster Silver Dial… Omega Stainless Steel Diamond Bezel Markers Constellation…

How Much Does Omega Watch Restoration Cost?

According to Omega’s website, the cost of an Omega watch restoration service starts at $1,500, but based on what we’ve seen posted on forums and business pages, the most common starting price is around $1,625 per watch.

Service Charges for Omega Watches

For a full service on your Omega watch, you should budget between $450 and $950. Expect to pay between $225 and $400 for partial service. On average, complete service on an Omega wrist piece costs around $650.

The Price of Omega Service for Automatic Watches

Service for your automatic Omega watch will cost between $550 and $950.

Omega Mechanical Watch Service Fee

Full service for an Omega mechanical watch costs between $550 and $950.

Omega Quartz Watch Service Fee

Omega quartz watches are frequently the least expensive to service, costing around $450 – $550 for complete service and $225 to begin with for partial service. If you want to replace the battery in your Omega quartz, it should cost around $55.

What Exactly Is An Omega Service?

The typical Omega service entails disassembling the watch and internal mechanism into individual components. Following that, each component is thoroughly cleaned using several tried-and-true techniques. Exterior parts may be polished to remove blemishes and restore their original appearance. Any parts that need to be replaced are replaced.

What does an Omega service include?

The typical Omega service involves the dismantling of the watch and internal mechanism into individual parts . Each part is then thoroughly cleaned through several proven techniques. Exterior parts may undergo polishing to remove blemishes and return the physical appearance to as new. Any parts require replacing are replaced. After these steps, the watch then undergoes the rebuilding stage. After the watch mechanism is rebuilt, your watch enters the testing stage, carried out over several days.

What happens after Omega service?

After your Omega service, it is sent back to you in a secure manner to ensure it reaches you safely. When you receive your watch, we are confident that you will be more than pleased with any work we performed on your behalf. In choosing to have your Omega serviced by Repairs By Post, you have chosen unrivaled, professional service, which will restore your timepiece to the work of art it deserves to be.

Is Omega the same as Rolex?

Maintained correctly, an Omega, often compared to a Rolex, is one of the few brands that can hold value and even increase value over the years of ownership. You can find our Omega Service Price List for 2020 below.

What watches have multiple complications?

Watches with multiple complications such as Vacheron, Audemars Piguet, etc., warrants such a high price.

What is espicaly watchmaking?

espicaly as watchmaking is a trade that requires a highly specialized skill set and tools.

How much does a Patek watch cost?

True, but Patek’s costs start at $550 for a quartz movement and $700 for a mechanical. Of course, as you stated, their complicated watches are a lot more.

Does Manuel specialize in Omega?

I just looked at Manuel’s website — he does "specialize" in Omega Co-axial movements. Might be worth shooting him an email, he has never been anything other than prompt and pleasant in my dealings with him.

Is there anything wrong with the price of a Swiss watch?

There is nothing wrong with that price. For a Swiss watch, that is a bargain, especially when compared to other Swiss watchmakers.

What is the Omega 1500?

This was the 1500 calibre series watches generally known as the Omega Constellation Megaquartz 2400. The 1500 calibre watches were seen in two variations – the 1510 f2.4MHz Constellation Megaquartz and the 1511-1516 Constellation Megaquartz Marine Chronometer. It is generally accepted that the 1510 iteration had a claimed production run …

How much is a 1510 dress watch?

It was erroneously presumed that the 1510 dress watch was inferior in performance to the 1511/1516 Marine Chronometer and that was reinforced by the price difference quoted in the USA catalogues with the 1510 being priced at $500-$1450 and the 1516 being priced at $1850, this was purely marketing.

How many pieces are in a 1510?

The ‘Journey Through Time’ book lists the 1511 at 1000 pieces and the 1516 at 8000 (9000 listed but presumed 1000 retained for spares) neither of those figures appear to be correct.

What is the most accurate non-thermocompensating watch?

The Megaquartz 2400 is the most accurate non-thermocompensating watch ever made. And over 45 years later it still holds that title.

When was the elephant chronometer made?

These early prototypes were shown at Basel in 1970 in base calibre 1500 colloquially called the elephant and the calibre was refined and the movement re-cased and produced for sale in 1972 in the more compact 1510 calibre and later in 1974 in the marine chronometer configuration 1511 and the later 1516.

How many watches were made in the 1510?

It is generally accepted that the 1510 iteration had a claimed production run of approximately 1000 watches.

What has the author tried to do in establishing the true heritage of this watch?

What the author has tried to do in establishing the true heritage of this watch, is to sift through many many hundreds of documents, archives, explanations, descriptions, commentaries, images, movement numbers and watches to come to what is effectively a consensus …..and thus this study should never be used dogmatically.