thassa deep dwelling foil constellation

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What are the pros and cons of Thassa deep dwelling?

Thassa, Deep-Dwelling is a 3U cost God. What are her pros and cons? Strong over-time value generation at an easy mana cost of 3U. Unique flicker effect of returning the flickered creature card under your control compared to the other popular flicker commanders – allows temporary steal effects to become permanent!

How important is Thassa in a deck?

The resiliency she provides is a valuable asset to the deck. A typical game would look like ramping into Thassa, into playing our value engines out, while holding up interaction. I can’t stress enough how important it is to either keep in-hand interaction up or even bluff it.

Can Thassa cast ixidron face up?

As long as Thassa is at 4 or less devotion before casting Ixidron, Thassa will stay face up. Great way to deal with problematic commanders or other creatures. Allows us to flicker our face-down creatures back up with Thassa, breaking parity in our favor.

Why is Thassa’s flicker disjointed from Chamber of manipulation?

Due to the originally stolen creature being considered a new object after Thassa’s flicker, it is disjointed from the Chamber of Manipulation. Ancient Tomb: the best 2 mana producing land, allows us to play a 2 CMC rock on turn 1 and in general ahead of the curve.