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Where do I send the manual for Alcon Constellation vision system?

Portable and mobile RF communications equipment can affect this medical electrical equipment. 8065751025 ix fConstellation Vision System Comments or corrections concerning this manual should be addressed to: Alcon Technical Services Group PO BOX 19587 Irvine, CA, USA 92623 All rights reserved.

Is there a manual for the constellation V laser system?

the Constellation V ision System. The manual presents an or ganized summary of the operating principles, main components, safety features, and instructions for care and use of the instrument. interaction of laser energy with biologic tissues. No attempt is made in this manual to answer all the

What are the guidelines for use of constellation® vision system?

? Good clinical practice dictates the testing for adequate irrigation, aspiration ?ow, and operation as applicable for each handpiece prior to entering the eye. ? Do not use the Constellation Vision System system near ?ammable anesthetics. ? Use only Alcon-supplied A.C. power cords.

Can the constellation® vision system be used near ?ammable anesthetics?

? Do not use the Constellation Vision System system near ?ammable anesthetics. ? Use only Alcon-supplied A.C. power cords. Prior to plugging the power cord into its power source, ensure that the proper voltage selection has been made. See Care and Maintenance section of this manual for instructions.

What is U T?

Note: U T is the a.c. mains voltage prior to application of the test level.

What does "reorient" mean?

Reorient or relocate the other device (s).

What is CISPR 1?

CISPR 1 1. Group 1 The Constellation® Vision System uses RF energy only for its internal function. Therefore, its RF emissions are very low and are not likely to cause any interference.

Why should a system be observed?

System should be observed to verify normal operation. If abnormal performance is observed, additional measures may be necessary,

Can FM radio be predicted?

FM radio broadcast, and TV broadcast cannot be predicted theoretically with accuracy. T o access the electromagnetic environment

Can you dispose of municipal waste separately?

separately, and not dispose of it as unsorted municipal waste.

Does production equipment contain hazardous substances?

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