faint constellation next to scorpius

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The Scorpio star constellation has two other zodiac constellations as neighbors in the night sky.Libra,the Scales,is a constellation next to Scorpius and lies to its right. Sagittarius,the Archer,is above and to its left.

What Constellation is Scorpius?

Learning to find constellations in the night sky is a really fun and rewarding learning experience. Scorpius, also known as the scorpion can be a tricky zodiac constellation to find because of its position in the sky, but don’t worry, we have a great, easy-to-learn method that will help you locate it fast.

When can we see Scorpius from Earth?

From October to December, Scorpius moves is positioned behind the Sun, making it impossible for us to see it at night from Earth. The following table will tell you the times at which this constellation can be seen for each month. By following this table you can also estimate the general area where the constellation can be found.

Can you see Scorpius without a telescope?

To be more precise, it can be seen from latitudes between +40 to -90 which means it can still be seen in most of the U.S. and certain areas of southern Europe, but you will not be able to find it if you are in Canada or the UK. Scorpius can be seen without the help of a telescope, but it will be a lot easier to find under the right conditions.

What is the core of the constellation Scorpii made of?

This is formed by stars such as Lambda Scorpii, also known as Shaula, which is the second brightest star in the constellation. The core or the body of the constellation is formed by Antares right in the middle of it. Antares is also known by its scientific name, Alpha Scorpii

What is the brightest star in Scorpius?

Antares is the brightest star in Scorpius and one of the 15 brightest stars we can see from Earth. It is one of the easiest stars to distinguish because it has a slight red color, which makes it really pop among other stars.

What star is the head of a scorpion?

The head of the scorpion is drawn by a T-shaped group of stars with Delta Scorpii (4th brightest star in the constellation) in the center as the head.

How many parts can you split Scorpius into?

You can split Scorpius into 3 main parts.

How to find the ecliptic line?

Look for a rising slightly red dot in the East. That is Mars. Trace a line between Mars and the Moon and extend it all across the sky. That is the ecliptic plane.

What is the imaginary line that marks the path Earth follows when it orbits around the Sun?

The ecliptic plane is the imaginary line that marks the path Earth follows when it orbits around the Sun. This is the line that crosses all twelve of the zodiac constellations. The problem is finding the ecliptic line requires a bit of patience and looking at the sky exactly at sunset. Here are the steps to find it.

Where is Antares located?

Thankfully, Antares is located right beside the ecliptic plane, so if you traced the imaginary line correctly in the previous step, you just need to follow it until you see Antares.

Why is clear skies important?

Clear skies also play an important factor in how easy it is to find stars. Cloudy skies and rainy weather are not your friends when it comes to watching the sky.