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When did the Celebrity Constellation ship come out?

Review of Celebrity Constellation. Launched in 2002, Celebrity Constellation is the 4th and last of the Millennium-class Celebrity cruise ships, together with Infinity, Millennium and Summit. Celebrity Cruises Constellation ship is scheduled for Celebrity Revolution drydock refurbishment on May 1, 2020.

What is the Celebrity Constellation?

The Constellation is one of four Millennium-class ships currently sailing with Celebrity. The Constellation is very similar to its sister-ships; Millennium, Infinity and Summit, although each ship may have some differences. Food is a big part of any cruise, and there will plenty on the Celebrity Constellation.

How many passengers does the Celebrity Constellation have?

The 90,940-ton, 2,449-passenger cruise ship Celebrity Constellation was named by her fans Connie. Over the years, the Constellation cruise ship and her sisters have gathered a lot of admirers, drawn to the entrance-making atrium and marble stairway, the ocean liner-themed, gut-busting French restaurant,…

When was the last Celebrity Constellation refurbished?

Celebrity Constellation (built 2002, “Solsticized” in 2010, last refurbished in 2017 April, scheduled Celebrity Revolution drydock refurbishment 2020 May) is the fourth (last) of Celebrity Cruises Millennium-class ships – together with Infinity, Millennium and Summit.

How many passengers does the Celebrity Constellation have?

CruiseMapper’s Celebrity Constellation cruise ship accidents, incidents and law news reports relate to a 2556-passenger vessel owned by Celebrity Cruises . Our Celebrity Constellation accidents page contains reports made by using official data from renown online news media sources, US Coast Guard and Wikipedia.

What happened to the Celebrity Ship?

On October 28, 2018, due to harsh weather in Western-Central Mediterranean (heavy rain storm with strong winds), in call port La Spezia (Italy) the Celebrity ship broke moorings. As result, the vessel departed from the pier, became adrift and contacted (with its stern) the berthed Costa Magica.

Why was the cruise ship delayed?

On May 28, 2019, due to a medical emergency/medevac, the cruise liner delayed by ~1 hour its scheduled for 5 pm departure from Port Thira (Santorini Island, Greece). A male passenger was offloaded from the ship and ambulanced to Thira’s General Hospital. The itinerary was not affected.

How many people were on the Black Sea cruise in 2013?

September-October 2013, on a 12-day Black Sea cruise in Europe (itinerary Sept 25 to Oct 7), the ship reported a Norovirus illness outbreak affecting over 300 people (~4,5% of all passengers and ~3,5% of all crew).

How many people were quarantined on the Venice to Rome cruise?

In June 2017, unofficially was reported that on the 10-day Europe-Mediterranean cruise from Venice to Rome-Civitavecchia (itinerary June 15-24) around 300 passengers suffered from Norovirus symptoms (stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea) and were quarantined to their cabins.

Why was the shipyard of the Azipod delayed?

On May 5, 2002, the vessel’s delivery by the French shipbuilder Chantiers de l’Atlantique was delayed due to propulsion system issues (oil leakage in the starboard Azipod unit). The incident also caused an Inaugural cruise cancellation.

Why was the ship’s departure delayed?

On May 26, 2017, due to propulsion problems, the ship’s departure from Barcelona (Spain) was delayed by 2 days. The problem was caused by the newly upgraded software that controls the ship’s propulsion system. These problems started soon after the vessel left the scheduled 2-week drydock in Marseilles France.

How many cabins are there on the Constellation?

Celebrity Constellation’s cabins are available in 30 classes, whether you’re interested in luxury amenities or wallet-conscious fares. Budget-stretching interior cabins represent 20% of the ship’s 1,085 staterooms. There are also 308 veranda staterooms, 244 oceanview cabins, and 50 suites. Constellation has several premium cabin classes for passengers seeking upgraded service and amenities. These include AquaClass and Concierge cabins. Additionally, the ship has 26 wheelchair-accessible staterooms. Due to Constellation’s emphasis on couples cruises, the ship has few family-oriented cabins. Most rooms are designed for double occupancy. Overall, Celebrity Constellation’s cabins receive a solid 4.4 rating from Cruiseline.com members thanks to their comfortable layout, ample storage, and premium eXhale bedding.

What is the Celebrity Constellation?

Celebrity Constellation is a Millenium-class ship that strikes an ethereal balance between luxury and value, big-ship amenities and small-ship service. Since it’s launch in 2002, this combination has earned Constellation many loyal fans. It’s easy to see why both couples and retirees return to this ship again …

What is the Millennium class constellation?

This Millennium-class ship is built for leisure pursuits, whether you’re looking forward to lounging by the pool, enjoying the views, or sinking into a club chair at the Rendezvous Lounge for a night of comedy and cocktails. Between ports, peruse the duty-free shops, play for the jackpot at Fortunes Casino, or book a treatment at the Canyon Ranch Spa. This expansive wellness space features a thalassotherapy pool, full-service salon, and thermal suite. Although Constellation is a couples-oriented ship, Celebrity’s Fun Factory offers educational activities for travelers aged 3 and older. Plus, teens can chill in the XClub, volley on the ping-pong tables, or challenge their new friends to an arcade game. Because Constellation’s itineraries are so port-centric, many more adventures await onshore.

What is the fun factory on Celebrity Cruises?

While Celebrity Cruises is an adult-oriented line in general, there’s always something happening at the Fun Factory play center or XClub teen hangout and arcade . If you’re traveling solo or as a couple, take time to visit Canyon Ranch, the ship’s 25,000-square-foot spa, salon, and thermal suite.

What is the name of the venue where the Constellation house band performs?

The Rendezvous Lounge is an intimate venue for stand-up, live music, and dancing.

What do you do on Constellation?

Passengers on Constellation enjoy out-of-this-world dining, luxury accommodations, and entertainment from first-class performers. Start the day like a celebrity with room service coffee on your balcony. For lunch and dinner, Constellation has a mix of casual and formal eateries. These range from the poolside Mast Grill to Qsine, which specializes in Nouvelle fare with dramatic presentations.

When will Celebrity Constellation return to drydock?

Celebrity Constellation’s last refurbishment came in May 2017, but is returning to drydock in 2020 for Celebrity Revolution updates. If you’re sailing after May 2020, you can look forward to modernized staterooms, improved technology, refreshed public spaces, and reimagined restaurants. Shipwide improvements coupled with exciting itineraries make for a special cruise and fantastic memories.

What is the Constellation project?

The Constellation project included adding new staterooms, upgrading all cabins with new furniture, LED lighting, carpeting, drapes, bed linens, artworks, programmable RFID door locks (wristband and card access), Bluetooth connectivity. All cabin bathrooms were also renovated and upgraded. On Deck 12 (top deck) were added The Retreat (fore-located, suite-only sundeck complex) and Rooftop Terrace (aft-located outdoor cinema and bar lounge).

How many passengers does the Celebrity Constellation have?

The 2200-passenger ship Celebrity Constellation was named by her fans "Connie". Over the years, the Constellation cruise ship and her sisters have gathered a lot of admirers, drawn to the entrance-making atrium and marble stairway, the ocean liner-themed, gut-busting French restaurant, and the spectacular (for a large vessel) two-to-one passenger-to-crew ratio. Design-simple and intelligent, Celebrity Constellation includes numbers of strange flourishes, like the existentially unsettling "Word Thief" sculpture – an amorphous, kneeling figure constructed out of strings of words – and a pair of curved sea-view elevator banks that undulate over the ship’s design.

What bar is on the promenade deck 4?

On Promenade Deck 4 (midship starboard, in the Grand Foyer area) were added two new bars – Martini Bar and Crush Bar.

What is RFID in cabins?

All cabins were modernized and upgraded with RFID (radio-frequency identification) door locks. The technology allows passengers access their cabins by simply tapping their SeaPass card against the door lock to unlock it.

What was added to deck 5?

On deck 5 a new retail store was added and the entire shopping arcade was renovated.

How many seats are there in Ocean Liners?

Ocean Liners Restaurant (102-seats specialty restaurant, reservations only; with French cuisine, Five Senses tasting menu, Champagne High Tea Time; with Demonstration Kitchen for live cooking shows; also features the Wine Cellar annex). In 2017, the restaurant was replaced by Tuscan Grille (steakhouse).

What is the entertainment on Celebrity Constellation?

The modern Celebrity Theater is where most of the entertainment action takes place onboard Celebrity Constellation. The banquet-style seats are quite comfortable for the hour-long programs. The 2-tiered theater is 3 decks high and hosts Vegas-style productions, focusing on pop and Broadway hits. Other evening headliners include musical acts, veteran singers and comedians. Evening entertainment elsewhere onboard emphasizes on music. Bands in the Rendezvous Lounge perform the ’40s and ’50s jazz standards, pop songs and other danceable classic hits. The Reflections venue serves as an observation lounge and a quiet place for craft and dance classes by day.

How many dining options are there on a cruise?

Food is a big part of any cruise, and on the Celebrity Constellation, there will be plenty of it. You have 9 different dining options to choose from. Of those options, 6 are complementary, or included with your cruise fare. The other 3 options have an additional fee. Some options are a set price and some are a’la cart menu pricing. 67% of the dining options are included which means if you’re watching your budget, you won’t feel like you’re missing out by not going to a lot of extra fee dining places.

How many people can a celebrity constellation hold?

The Celebrity Constellation can hold 2,184 based on double occupancy (two people per room) and more when you take into account 3rd and 4th passengers. When you compare the total tonnage of the ship to the number of passengers, the Constellation has a space ratio of 42. Depending on the ship, this number can range from 30 to 52 (with a bigger number meaning more space per person) so this ship’s space to person ratio is about average.

How big is the Celebrity Constellation?

The Celebrity Constellation was built in 2002. It’s considered a small size ship. Coming in at 965 ft long and 106 ft wide, it’s roughly the length of 2.7 football fields, as wide as 2 tractor trailers and the same height as a 11 story building.

How many passengers does the Connie cruise ship have?

Very Good. Affectionately known as "Connie" by its fans, the 2,034-­passenger Celebrity Constellation debuted in 2002 as the fourth and final ship in Celebrity Cruises’ Millennium Class.

What can you wear to a buffet?

In the buffet, almost any form of dress is allowed except swimwear, flip-flops, spa robes and bare feet.

What age group is the most common for cruises?

Passengers are typically in the 40 to 70 age range, although it’s not uncommon to see some couples in their 20s and 30s – many enjoying honeymoons or a first cruise. Americans, Canadians and Europeans usually make up the largest passenger groups, though the mix can significantly change with the itinerary.

Is Celebrity Constellation a good ship?

The Celebrity Constellation is even before the major Revolution overhaul scheduled in May 2020 an excellent ship. Very stable, not too crowded and in very good condition. Read More

How many liners are on Celebrity Revolution?

Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Revolution program (USD 0,5 billion) is fleetwide (9 liners) and includes: Renovations to all staterooms and public spaces – to bring the onboard amenities and services up to the Edge-class ship standards.

What is RFID in cabins?

All cabins were modernized and upgraded with RFID (radio-frequency identification) door locks. The technology allows passengers access their cabins by simply tapping their SeaPass card against the door lock to unlock it.

What was added to deck 5?

On deck 5 a new retail store was added and the entire shopping arcade was renovated.

What is the name of the Celebrity Constellation?

The ship is also known as “Connie”.

Where is the 2020 Navantia shipyard?

The ship’s drydock in 2020 (April 16 – May 25) was at Navantia Shipyard in Cadiz Spain. The USD 70 million project was part of the company’s "Celebrity Revolution" fleetwide renovation program.

When did the restaurant on Five get renamed?

Bistro on Five (creperie) was added on deck 5. In 2016, it was renamed to “Sushi on Five”.

Is the Constellation deck a property of Celebrity Cruises?

Celebrity Constellation deck plans are property of Celebrity Cruises. All deck layouts are for informational purposes only and CruiseMapper is not responsible for their accuracy.