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  • What are the constellations by month?

  • Constellations by Month APRIL MAY JUNE Antlia Canes Venatici Botes Chamaeleon Centaurus Libra Crater Coma Berenices Lupus Hydra Corvus Ursa Minor 4 more rows …

  • How do the constellations change their position?

  • They move by 90 degrees from one season to the next and return to the same position after a full year. Each constellation is best seen in the evening sky at a certain time of year, whether it only briefly shows up above the horizon or it is visible throughout the year from a certain location.

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  • What constellations are visible in the northern hemisphere?

  • The northern constellations Cassiopeia and Ursa Major, for instance, are easy to see for observers in the northern hemisphere, but invisible to those living south of the latitudes 20S and 30S respectively.