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In terms of theGreekconstellation system, the tiger鈥檚 rear is located in Andromeda and Pisces, its middle is in Ares and Taurus and its front is in Orion. The Origins of the Byakko Similar to the kitsune, a normal fox which becomes a yokai, an ordinary tiger becomes a Byakko after living for 500 years.

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  • Is the White Tiger a celestial being?

  • The Byakko is also a part of the Chinese constellation system. As such, the White Tiger is a celestial being, a series of stellar constellations, which take up the western quarter of the sky.

  • What are the 7 seishuku (constellations) of the Tiger?

  • The Tiger鈥檚 seven seishuku 鏄熷 (constellations) are: Tokaki Boshi (Chn. = K鈥檜ei 濂? Tatara Boshi (Chn. = Lou 濠? Ekie Boshi (Chn. = Wei 鑳? Subaru Boshi (Chn. = Mao 鏄? Amefuri Boshi (Chn. = Pi 鐣? Toroki Boshi (Chn. = Tsui 瑙? Kagasuki Boshi (Chn. = Shen 鍙?

  • What is the Tiger sign in Chinese zodiac?

  • Tiger Sign in Chinese Zodiac 1 Chinese Name: 铏?(H菙) 2 Trine Of The Chinese Zodiac: Third 3 Fixed Element: Wood 4 Polarity: Yang 5 Earthly Branch: 瀵?(Yn) 6 Season: Spring 7 Closest Western Zodiac: Aquarius 8 Lunar Month: First 9 Week Day: Saturday 10 Auspicious Hours Of The Day: 3AM 鈥?5AM (3.00 鈥?4.59)

  • What does the White Tiger represent in Chinese mythology?

  • It represents the west and the autumn season. During the Han Dynasty, people believed the tiger to be the king of all beasts. Legend had it that when a tiger reached 500 years old, its tail would turn white. In this way, the white tiger became a kind of mythological creature.