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Where can I buy a Chris-Craft constellation boat?

Boat Trader works with thousands of boat dealers and brokers to bring you one of the largest collections of Chris-Craft Constellation boats on the market. You can also browse boat dealers to find a boat near you today.

What is a constellation boat?

Chris-Craft Constellation boats are typically used for overnight-cruising, day-cruising and watersports. These boats were built with a wood deep-vee; usually with an inboard and available in Diesel.

What year was the last Chris Craft boat made?

In the early ‘50s, Chris-Craft expanded its lineup to include 139 powerboat models, and by 1955, they had manufactured their first fiberglass boat. 1950-1955 1971 1971 marked the end of an era, as Chris-Craft built their last mahogany boat – a 57-foot Constellation TM.

Why choose a Chris-Craft boat?

For generations, Chris-Craft vessels have captivated boat lovers from around the world with their exceptional style and performance – and today, that is no different. Our entire company is dedicated to preserving the beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship that is worthy of the legendary Chris-Craft brand.

How many times does a 120cm by 150cm charge?

This means that a plan 120cm by 150cm will be charged two times 150cm because it will be printed in two tiles, a plan 91cm by 150cm will be charged one time its length or 150cm and a plan 91cm by 40cm will be charged 40cm.

How to know if a PDF is good?

To know if the file is good please download it and open it on a pdf viewer like Adobe pdf viewer and set the view level or zoom level to 100% or 1:1 or full scale or actual size, depending on which version or pdf viewer you are using. Also, using the measuring tool make sure all the parts fit together and have the correct size.

What printers use toner?

We use professional quality laser OCÉ and Canon printers/copiers, these printers use toner, not ink so the printings will be durable and waterproof .

What type of paper is Chris Craft Constellation?

The Chris Craft Constellation plan can be printed on plain paper, tracing paper or polyester film and shipped worldwide.

How many sheets can be in the same cardboard tube?

Rolled sheets, up to 5 in the same cardboard tube.

What are some services that are advertised on a CNC?

Advertise Services like CNC cutting, moulding, kitting on own plans.

How to download a plan?

To download this plan and it’s related files you must be a logged in member. 1 See all the site content, full home page, related plans… 2 Download and Upload from and to all Plans Categories. 3 Use Advanced Search Filters and Sorting Options to find plans easier and quicker. 4 View Plan Previews. 5 Order Printed Copies on Paper, Tracing Paper and Polyester. 6 Make money from own plans and accept donations. 7 Advertise Services like CNC cutting, moulding, kitting on own plans. 8 Use the Favorites to save plans for later or other devices 9 Become an "Editor"

What did Chris Craft do in the 80s?

Throughout the ‘80s and early ‘90s, Chris-Craft got back to what they loved prior to wartime: sport boats. They continued to build high-performance racing catamarans, and began designing performance boats for their traditional customers, too.

When was Smith Ryan Boat Company founded?

In 1910 , the Smith Ryan Boat Company was formed. It focused on building fast, economically priced runabout boats for the masses.

When was Chris Craft purchased?

In 2001, Chris-Craft was purchased by an investment group, and headed into the new century with plans that included the introduction of three new Heritage models and a 43-foot Roamer Yacht.

Where did Christopher Columbus build his first boat?

Our heritage of building beautiful boats started in a small town in Algonac, Michigan. It was here that 13 year-old Christopher Columbus Smith built his first boat in 1874. His boats – referred to as “punts” or “skiffs”– quickly earned him a reputation as a master boat builder, and the demand for them grew. To keep up with the demand, Chris joined forces with his brother, Hank, and began producing boats full-time. It laid the groundwork for their future as builders of “standardized” runabouts.

Shiptoshore Capt Thompson

Good evening everyone, I am and have been bringing a 57 foot constellation back to glory with a lot of labor and learning along the way. I have just finished replacing 18 planks on her starboard side and after getting home from the towboat this trip, I am pulling her to replace the transom, along with its framing to include 6×6 teak corner posts.

Shiptoshore Capt Thompson

Thank you for the advice, I am doing a bottom paint job as well but will use the recommended seam filler recommended by interlux…other than 3 m products what I the best think for the new transom planks? I will definitely post some picks when I can figure out how to upload pics ( just signed up )

Shiptoshore Capt Thompson

It is batten seam then planked above waterline, then planked over plywood on bottom as you have stated

Shiptoshore Capt Thompson

How do I post some pics of the 64… I’m on a towboat and haven’t had time to research it

50 foot 58 constellation, What to look for when buying?

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