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  • What is constellation connect and how does it work?

  • Constellation Connect allows you to live with the highest security by giving you control of your entire home and planning for the worst with cellular and battery backup. Manage it all through your Constellation Connect app while home or away. Our app works with hundreds of smart devices to meet one goal: keep you secure and in control.

  • What is the constellation PowerPlug?

  • The Constellation PowerPlug is an affordable, flexible way to make your home work for you. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and plug into any outlet, the PowerPlug is a small but mighty smart plug and home hub in one.

  • Why should I pair constellation connect with my motion sensors?

  • Pairing Constellation Connect with motion sensors and security cameras provides you with the opportunity to do just that, whenever and wherever you are. Manage your home鈥檚 energy usage. Homeowners who understand which appliances consume the most electricity can take steps to reduce their energy use.

  • How does constellation connect work during a blackout?

  • Constellation Connect allows you to route all devices through a centralized hub so you can control them all via a single app. Not even power interruptions can prevent you from connecting to Constellation Connect. Cellular and battery backups ensure that you can still access the system even during a blackout.