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Constellation Aquila
Ten thousand light years from earth in a constellation far,far away,there is massive cloud of alcohol. It’s space booze. Discovered in 1995 near theconstellation Aquila,the cloud is 1000 times larger than the diameter of our solar system. It contains enough ethyl alcohol to fill 400 trillion trillion pints of beer.

Who is Constellation Brands?

Constellation Brands is the visionary company behind the beer, wine and spirits brands that you love and have celebrated with for over 70 years. Driven, smart, passionate and agile, we’re never content with the status quo, or playing it safe.

Why did Coca-Cola buy Constellation Brands’ Fresca brand?

“The Coca-Cola Company’s FRESCA brand is not only trusted by consumers, but also directly delivers on consumer preferences for refreshment, flavor, and convenience – attributes that also play well within beverage alcohol and where we can leverage our expertise,” Constellation CEO Bill Newlands said in a statement.

Why is Constellation Brands the fastest-growing company in the US?

We invest in new markets and take calculated risks to deliver more for our consumers, shareholders, employees and industry. This is why Constellation Brands is the fastest-growing, large consumer product goods company in the U.S. at retail.

What happened to Constellation Brands stock in premarket Thursday?

Shares of Constellation were up less than 1% in premarket trading after the company released its latest results Thursday morning. It topped Wall Street’s estimates for its quarterly earnings and revenue. Coke’s stock was roughly flat in premarket trading.