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How do I get more information about the skyboxes at Constellation Field?

Call us at 281-240-4487 for more information regarding our Skyboxes. Our main seating bowl expands from Section 1 to 26. From Hot Corner to Home Plate Box, every seat is a great view of Skeeters baseball! The Impact Networking Deck is like no other seat at Constellation Field!

What is a Constellation Field Suite?

Constellation Field features privately-owned, fully furnished, climate-controlled luxury suites with padded balcony seats. Each suite accommodates up to 25 guests. Suites also have their own restrooms, wet bar capabilities and wait services.

What is constellation connect and how does it work?

Constellation Connect is our innovative and easy-to-use home security feature that offers 24/7 professional monitoring, keeping your home secure and providing you and your family with peace of mind. Learn more about Constellation Connect.

What is constellation homebuilder systems?

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the largest provider of software solutions and services for home builders and developers is excited to host the biggest conference to date with over 300 home builders expected to attend.

Why are the constellations that we see not really permanent?

Why are the constellations that we see not really permanent? (Stars do move through space in their own directions. Over tens of thousands of years, the constellations will distort and become unrecognizable. Our Sun is also moving through space and carrying the Earth with it, so that over time we will leave our local stars behind. )

How do constellations distort?

The constellations are merely the positions of the stars as we see them from Earth, but as our Sun travels through space, or ifwe could travel through space, we would see the constellations distort as the closer stars appeared to move more than the distant stars.

What does B mean in Star Data Table?

B – Thoroughness of their Star Data Table, to include stellar types, coordinates, names and their meanings, alternative names, and constellation mythology.

What grade is the parallax lesson?

This lesson is designed for 6th grade students up to about tenth grade but can be modified and extended for higher division or advanced students. One follow-up would be to teach students the parallax lesson linked above to learn more about measuring stellar distances. Advanced students could add more to their Star Tables, such as including Deep Sky Objects such as galaxies and nebulas using the Messier and NGC catalogs. These could be added to their maps before taping them into the box.

How to keep eyepiece from moving?

To provide an eyepiece of sorts, use a small canning jar lid and tie it in place hanging in the opening at the front of the box, securing it with the black string to the top and both sides of the box to prevent the eyepiece from swaying or moving. Keep the eyepiece as close to the front of the box as possible while still keeping it secure.

How far is Betelgeuse from the eyepiece?

So Betelgeuse, with a distance of 427 light years, will be 7.1 cm from the eyepiece knot. To hang the stars, look through the center of the eyepiece to the star you want to hang and visualize a line going vertically up from that star to the top of the box.

How to identify the major stars in a constellation?

1. identify the major stars in chosen constellations including the meaning of their names, their spectral types, and their coordinates; 2. build an accurate scale model of their constellation showing the major stars in their correct positions (distances, right ascension, and declination) and spectral types (OBAFGKM);

What is constellation connect?

Constellation Connect is our innovative and easy-to-use home security feature that offers 24/7 professional monitoring, keeping your home secure and providing you and your family with peace of mind. Learn more about Constellation Connect.

Does Constellation offer natural gas?

If you live in a deregulated energy market, you now have more energy choices, allowing you to choose the best electricity or natural gas supplier for your home. Constellation offers natural gas, electricity, solar through Sunrun in six states, plus Washington, D.C., and renewable energy plans in many of the states where we provide energy services.

Does Constellation offer home security?

Want an energy company that does more for you? Constellation now offers home services and home security options.

What year did Constellation Field win the Atlantic League?

It won the Atlantic League Ballpark of the Year in 2012 and ‘18. Outside of Skeeters baseball, Constellation Field also hosts Sugar Land Holiday Lights, numerous cultural festivals and local high school/collegiate baseball games.

How many games does Constellation Field host?

It has played host to over 700 Atlantic League games since opening. It also hosted the upstart Constellation Energy League in 2020. As of 2021, it’s the official home of the Houston Astros Triple-A affiliate. Constellation Field set the Atlantic League record for total attendance in 2012, with 465,11 fans. It also set the league’s single-game …

What is Bud Light Ice House?

The Bud Light Ice House provides a relaxing destination for fans to socialize and grab one of their favorite ice cold beverages all while cheering on the Skeeters!

How to contact Tyler Stamm?

For more information or to book your group, contact Tyler Stamm at 281-207-9127 or [email protected]

Where is the Buzzzz stop in Texas?

Located at the front gates of Constellation Field, the Texas Direct Auto Buzzzz Stop features apparel, accessories and more for everyone in the family! For more information or questions about our merchandise contact Shamaine St. Julien at 713-259-8426 or [email protected] STORE HOURS.

What is a multi purpose function room?

Our multi-purpose function rooms allow us to offer the same kind of luxury accommodations to groups on an event-by-event bases. In addition to baseball games, these rooms can be used for luncheons, receptions, holiday parties, sales meetings and other functions year-round. Rooms overlook the field and have balcony seating as well as climate-controlled spaces. Food service, audio/video equipment, internal sound systems and the ability to subdivide spaces to accommodate various group sizes from 25 to 100 people.

Where is the pool pavilion in Constellation Field?

The Pool Pavilion is an extra-unique feature of Constellation Field located in the H-E-B Picnic Plaza. It’s a great feature for hosting a birthday party at the ballpark! Picnic ticket is necessary to access the pool.

What is Constellation HomeBuilder Systems?

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, North America’s largest provider of home building software solutions, along with the NHLS Distribution Engine, is excited to announce collaboration with one of the continent’s largest real estate websites, This alliance gives new home builders another way to advertise their new homes and communities directly to’ s 80 million monthly visitors, on average.

What is home building software?

Homebuilding software streamlines and optimizes your homebuilding business processes and easily manage sales with options, pricing, and accounting. Manage all projects from a unified, live-updating, cloud-based master schedule, allowing you to estimate jobs and select and pay vendors in one package.

When is the IBS 2020?

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the largest provider of home building software solutions and services will join the 2020 NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS), taking place January 21-23 in Las Vegas.

Who owns CustomerInsight?

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems has acquired CustomerInsight, a leader in customer experience management, analytics and performance services for home builders and residential developers.

Who owns

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems has acquired (NHLS?), a leader in new home listings, to connect buyers, builders and real estate agents.

What is Lotfits?

LOTFITS solves an industry-wide problem for home builders, while enhancing the land development process and helping to set reasonable customer expectations at the point of sale. This revolutionary product has endured significant real-life testing and is just now being released to the general home builder market.

Who is the Gold Sponsor for IBSX 2021?

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems , the largest software provider of home building software solutions and services is proud to announce their participation as a Gold sponsor in IBSx, the ground-breaking virtual edition of the NAHB International Builders’ Show 2021. This year, the virtual experience and expo are open to builders from around the globe, who will get the first opportunity to explore the industry’s latest products and technologies in designated online pavilions.