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What is the constellation at the Founders Memorial Abu Dhabi?

Here are some exciting facts about The Constellation at The Founders Memorial, Abu Dhabi. The Founder’s Memorial, a permanent national tribute to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, was officially inaugurated in Abu Dhabi to coincide with the national and international Year of Zayed initiative.

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Where can I go stargazing in Abu Dhabi?

Located in Al Wathba South, at the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, the observatory has a large telescope within a 5.5 metre dome, as well as various other types and sizes of telescopes that can be used for stargazing. The centre is currently closed for visitors due to maintenance.

The Constellation is one of the largest art installations of its kind

Housed within a monumental pavilion 30x30x30m in size, the artwork is formed by a combination of shapes suspended in space that create a series of evolving personal encounters with Sheikh Zayed’s image. The Constellation is unique in its use of abstract portraiture on this scale.

More than 1,300 geometric shapes make up The Constellation

The artwork consists of a total of 1,327 geometric shapes suspended from 1,110 cables. These constitute five different types of regular, convex polyhedrons known as ‘platonic solids’, shapes which are renowned for their mathematical beauty and symmetry

The Constellation weighs more than 250 tons

The artwork weighs 250 tons, while the steel structure of the roof supporting it weighs 190 tons. More than 5,745 counterweights hold the suspended shapes in place, which form a series of profiles of Sheikh Zayed when viewed from different perspectives both within the memorial’s landscape and from outside along the Corniche.

The Constellation celebrates Sheikh Zayed as a guiding star for the UAE

Illuminated by more than 2,000 lights, the suspended shapes of The Constellation shine like stars at night. This celestial display evokes the timelessness of Sheikh Zayed’s vision, which continues to offer the UAE nation a guiding light along a path of progress and prosperity.

Ralph Helmick created the artwork

The artwork was conceptualized and designed by public artist Ralph Helmick, whose practice explores human perception through large-scale public sculptures and installations that invite optical discovery.

How many cables are there in the Sheikh Zayed sculpture?

The sculpture consists of 1,327 geometric shapes attached to 1,110 cables. These elements constitute varying sizes of the five convex polyhedrons known as Platonic solids, “sacred geometries” renowned for their mathematical beauty. Housed within a prismatic 30m-high Pavilion at the heart of the park, the suspended solids shine like stars in the night sky. This celestial display evokes the timelessness of Sheikh Zayed’s enduring vision, which continues to inspire the people of the UAE and beyond.

What is the constellation?

A sense of perspective is one of them. The Constellation is a monumental public artwork that forms the centerpiece of The Founder’s Memorial Park in Abu Dhabi, a permanent national tribute to the UAE’s founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan,

Is a likeness of the founder required?

Including a likeness of the founder was neither required nor expected, but his charismatic visage proved irresistible. In a country where the leader’s traditional likeness is ubiquitous, the challenge was to create a new kind of portrait.

Which constellations can I see in the UAE sky?

While some constellations are seen year-round, others will change from summer to winter as the Earth revolves around the sun. As the UAE is situated in the northern hemisphere, summer constellations are best seen from June to September, and winter constellations are most distinct from around December to March.

Constellations visible all year round

The following constellations are circumpolar constellations, which means that they can generally be seen all year round:

Summer constellations

Here are the list of the prominent summer constellations, star clusters and galaxy views in the UAE, as per the website of Abu Dhabi-based Al Sadeem Observatory:

When should I go stargazing?

Avoid cloudy days and full moon nights when you plan your stargazing nights as the moonlight can affect your view of the skies. Nevertheless, you can schedule a trip timed before the moon rises for the day – but a clear, new moon night is ideal.

What should I keep in mind?

Stargazing spots in the UAE can often be located away from the city’s light pollution, and amidst deserts with fewer facilities nearby. This means that although you will see beautiful vistas of stars due to darker night skies, you need to keep some things in mind to ensure your safety.

What equipment should I pack?

When first setting out for stargazing, you must be wondering if you would need equipment such as binoculars or telescopes to see the night sky better.

Where can I go to stargaze in the UAE?

There are observatories, resorts, and mountainous and desert areas sometimes accompanied by resorts where you can stargaze in the UAE.