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These lost constellations are described in great detail usinghistorical references, enabling observers to rediscover them on their own surveys of the sky. Treatment of the obsolete constellations as extant features of the night sky adds a new dimension to stargazing that merges history with the accessibility and immediacy of the night sky.

How many versions of Lost Constellation are there?

Game consists of 0 releases . Released Dec 27, 2014 Lost Constellation is a supplementary side story to Night in the Woods. Short summary describing this game. The game opens with Mae’s grandfather offering to tell her a Longest Night story.

Why does Adina Astra want to go to frozen lake?

Adina Astra, an astronomer, wishes to travel to the Frozen Lake during Longest Night in order to see the ghost of her deceased lover, as well as see the Ghost Star where the dead’s souls head to, part of the Lost Constellation in the game’s title.

Why is Halley’s constellation so important?

In addition to maintaining the king’s good graces, Halley’s constellation was also a relatively straightforward way to resolve (or at least obscure) an issue that had long confounded astronomers with a penchant for constellations: the fact that the stars don’t always organize themselves into an imagined image.

What is Argo Navis named for?

Take Argo Navis, named for the mythological ship that Jason and his compatriots took in search of the Golden Fleece. “Nature did not exactly oblige in giving astronomers a complete set of stars with which to define the ship,” writes the astronomer and author John C. Barentine in The Lost Constellations: A History of Obsolete, Extinct, or Forgotten Star Lore. A handful of stars could credibly form the hull, mast, and other parts, but nothing quite resolved into the prow. To compensate, Barentine continues, “those seeking a figural depiction of Argo were left to come up with ad hoc ways to hide the fact that part of the boat was literally missing.” Cartographers sketching the constellations disguised its absence with a strategically placed atmospheric flourishes—a cloud or a boulder. Halley’s plopped a tree in its place, obviating the need to actually complete Argo Navis.

Where did Edmond Halley set up his observatory?

In 1676, years before he observed the comet that would carry his name, a young astronomer named Edmond Halley set up an observatory on the volcanic island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. From this far-flung speck of land, he intended to catalog the stars of the Southern Hemisphere. Halley returned to England with a slew of observations, in which he eventually included a new constellation, Robur Carolinum, or “Charles’s Oak.” The once-arborially-besieged king had become a patron, and had made Halley’s journey possible.

Who illustrated Argo Navis?

The oak is visible on the right of this illustration of Argo Navis from Uranographia, by Johannes Hevelius, 1690. Public Domain

Is there an oak tree in Boscobel?

Back on Earth, an oak still stands on Boscobel’s grounds, and is often described as a descendant of the one where Charles II hid. And another answer was found to the Argo Navis conundrum—it was broken up into a handful of smaller, perhaps more coherent constellations, but the tree did not find its way back in.

Is the oak at Boscobel fenced off?

The oak at Boscobel, perhaps a descendant of the regal hiding place, is fenced off. Amanda Slater/CC by SA 2.0

A lost history of the night sky hides in plain sight

Casual stargazers are familiar with many classical figures and asterisms composed of bright stars (e.g., Orion and the Plough), but this book reveals not just the constellations of today but those of yesteryear.

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Read a chapter about Antinoüs, a lost constellation of the northern hemisphere summer night sky.

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See examples of lost constellations drawn from a variety of historical celestial cartography sources.

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What does Adina meet in the cabin?

Adina also meets a fox in a cabin who wants to preemptively sell her a coffin and a mouse on a shrine who wants her to pray to the Forest God (which Adina does not know how to). At some point, the player will find a sparkling patch of ground that they can inspect.

What does Adina use to convince Godtender Brown?

Returning to the Mountain, Adina will use whatever snowmen she makes to convince Godtender Brown that she is royalty and that they are her entourage. Brown will allow Adina across the drop by making a bridge however he will not let her see the God because it is ill. He mentions The Huncher, an enemy of the Forest God.

What happens when Adina walks on the stairs?

Walking right, the player will come across a cabin on slits. Adina’s footsteps on the stairs alert the Huncher to her presence and she will be transported inside the cabin into the basement. Going upstairs, Adina meets the Huncher, an old hunch backed mouse, and a Kid playing an instrument.

How to make Adina chime?

Walking right (east), Adina will come across some bells that she can make chime by hitting them with snowballs. To collect snowballs, simply click the ground. To throw, click at what you what Adina to hit. Adina will then meet a Talking Cat on a bridge who forewarns of her death.

What happens if you hit the bell on the other side of the drop?

Hitting the bell on the other side of the drop will cause a blind ‘Godtender’ named Brown to appear. He will refuse to let Adina see the Forest God as she is not royalty.

What happens after leaving the mountain in The Forest?

The Forest (Part 2) After leaving the Mountain, Adina will come across a King and his entourage who also want to go to the Frozen Lake as well as see The Huncher for unexplained reasons. They mention that they are going to burn the arm of a dead criminal to light the way to the Huncher’s Hollow.

What does Adina need to see to see the Forest God?

The player needs to make the bodies of two snow men and then return to the Forest to find items to make faces out of which includes: a bottle with a cat’s paw on it, a pad lock, a trumpet and a dog’s collar.

What does Mae look like in the game?

The game starts with a young girl named Mae (who looks like a cat) being told a story by her grandfather (who also looks like a cat) about a Longest Night (a winter holiday celebration) many years ago, featuring a young astronomer (who looks like a crocodile) and a promise that astronomer made (to someone, though we’re not sure who at the start).

What is Adina’s story?

Adina’s story is not one of solitude. She not only encounters other travelers in the woods, but folks who call these woods their home: a small priest-mouse, a cat-who-is-actually-a-cat, a coffin-maker who resents your repeated intrusions. And then there are the snowmen you build and accidentally imbue with the spirits of those who died on their own Longest Night quests.

Is Lost Constellation scary?

There are small puzzles to solve and some low-stakes time trials, but everything feels like an experiment. And it’s definitely not scary, despite the ghosts and corpses that live in the woods. All the spookiness is that of a folktale. Sure, there’s a crone who threatens to kill you out of spite, but she also asks you why it is that powerful women are called witches.