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What kind of ship is the USS Constellation?

USS Constellation was an American sloop-of-war. About the USS Constellation wooden scale Model Ship This model ship of the USS Constellation was custom built from the following information: The original construction drawings.

What happened to the USS Constellation?

She served as a relief flagship for the Atlantic Fleet and Battleship Division Five from 1941 to 1943. In 1955 she was decommissioned and stricken from the Navy lists. The USS Constellation is currently a museum ship at Constellation Dock, Baltimore, Maryland.

What materials are used to build a model ship?

About the construction of the USS Constellation wooden scale Model Ship The hull is built using the Double Plank-on-Bulkhead construction method The bulkheads and keel are cut from marine grade pine plywood The first layer of planking is done plank by plank using Mahogany planks

Where can I find the most accurate tall ship models?

USS CONSTELLATION (1797) If you are looking for the aircraft carrier, please click this link: CV-64. If you are searching for a model of the newest US Navy’s frigate, it is here: FFG-62. produces the finest and most accurate tall ship model in the world.

What is DAP delivery?

We deliver DAP (Delivered At Place duties unpaid). This means that we deliver door-to-door. We pay for the air freight, insurance, customs clearance and final delivery to your door.

When was the USS Constellation built?

The USS Constellation was constructed in 1854 as a sloop-of-war. The Constellation is the last sail-only warship designed and built by the US Navy. Gosport Navy Yard at Portsmouth built her. She was launched on 26 August 1854 with an armament of 24 and a complement of 227.

What kind of crates do we deliver models in?

We deliver our models in specially designed wooden crates. We have been delivering models in these for many years with great success.

What is the deck of the Amazon?

The deck is made of Anagre, a light brown timber from the Amazon. The hull is sheathed with real copper plates below the waterline. The gunwale and stringers are made of American Walnut. The fife rails and pin racks are made of American Walnut. The deckhouses and gangways are made of Teak.

When was the USS Constellation commissioned?

On 28 July 1855 the USS Constellation was commissioned with Captain Charles H Bell in command. Until 1858 the USS Constellation performed diplomatic duties in the Mediterranean. From 1859 – 1861 the Civil War found the Constellation as a flagship of the Africa Squadron, patrolling against slavers.

When did the Constellation return to Newport?

In 1865 she returned to Newport and was decommissioned. For the next 75 years, the Constellation was training and receiving ship.

What is a modeling kit?

The modeling kit contains a high precision laser-cut board, wood, brass, cast iron and cotton sails ready to be placed. For the assembly you will be able to follow our complete guide step-by-step in five languages with multiple images, accompanied by the drawings of the finished model, both of them on DVD format.

When was the US Constellation built?

Built in 1797 in Baltimore, this frigate had among its missions to seize numerous ships, prevent the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands by the English Navy in 1843 …

Does the kit include instructions?

The kit does not include printed instructions. To download the instructions please use the links below:

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We introduce you the US Navy Constellation, a beautiful wooden model with a scale 1:85 of the famous American frigate.

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Why did Captain Truxtun refuse to answer his orders?

Captain Truxtun refused to answer as his orders were to attack any French warship or privateer. American warships of this period fired for the hull as did the British and each of the 24 pounders had been double shotted. L’Insurgente fired at the Constellation’s masts and rigging.

What was the first USS Constellation?

USS Constellation was a 38-gun frigate, one of the "Six Original Frigates" authorized for construction by the Naval Act of 1794. She was distinguished as the first U.S. Navy vessel to put to sea and the first U.S. Navy vessel to engage and defeat an enemy vessel.

What was Captain Barreaut’s first major victory?

Captain Barreaut had been shown one of Constellation’s 24 pound cannonballs and understood that he was in a completely unequal contest with sails down and nothing comparable to reply with many already dead and wounded. He struck colors— thus comes the first major victory by an American-designed and -built warship.

Why did Humphreys design the frigates?

He therefore designed his frigates to be able to overpower other frigates, but with the speed to escape from a "ship of the line" (equivalent to a modern-day "battleship").

Where was the USS Constellation broken up?

In 1853, Constellation was struck and broken up for scrap at the Gosport Navy Yard in Portsmouth Virginia. At the same time, the keel was laid for what became known as the sloop of war USS Constellation (1854).

Who captured the frigate L’Insurgente?

On 9 February 1799, under the command of Captain Thomas Truxtun, Constellation fought and captured the frigate L’Insurgente of 36 guns, the fastest ship in the French Navy. L’Insurgente had recently captured Retaliation, a schooner, in November 1798 and three weeks previous had been chased by the USS Constitution and had escaped.


Here we go with project two. I finished my San Francisco II model and really enjoyed it. Very quickly I found myself bored watching TV in the evenings without something else to keep my hands busy. One thing led to another and the postman had a package for me today.


I hope you don’t mind if I pull up a chair for this? Will you be building it as the kit or bashing it?


I just got the kit in. I feel the need to give the disclaimer that yes: I’ve read a little bit about the controversy regarding the versions of the real ship, the restoration, the historical inaccuracies with the model kit itself…..I’m just building this kit because I’m enjoying the hobby and I thought it looked neat.


A good first nights work overall. I got the false keel and the bulkheads off of the frames. This is harder to do on this kit as being a larger scale there were more of them and the wood is thicker so it was tricky. I got the bulkheads onto the keel.


Can someone suggest a good way to bring out the recesses on the deck planking? I have experimented with pencil and with weathering powder (which worked horribly) but I can’t quite get happy with picking out the shadows between planks without excessively staining the whole deck.


What many of us do is pre-caulk the planks. Use a #2 pencil or an archival felt pen and blacken one side and one end of the plank. When they are placed, you’ll have the caulking. About your only option is to run a knife down the plank line and use a very sharp pencil to highlight them.


I’ve noticed several tricky parts. With this kit it’s much less clear perfect placement of the holes for the masts and that main mast going through multiple decks will be wonky. I also notice that cutting those lower deck gun ports is going to be tricky.