virpil constellation alpha review

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My favorite set of kit is called the Virpil Constellation Alpha, which, when coupled with a throttle, does anadmirable job of controlling commercial aircraft. It has plenty of hat switches, plus an assortment of triggers that are perfect for games in the IL-2 Sturmovik family or other high-end simulations.

What is the VirPil constellation alpha and how does it work?

The Virpil Constellation Alpha also comes in a left-handed variant. That means you can easily arrange for a much more complex dual-stick set-up. Also known as a hand-on-stick-and-stick (HOSAS) setup, I found that it completely changed the flight experience in both Star Citizen ’s Persistent Universe and Elite Dangerous.

Why choose VirPil?

Since then, VIRPIL has put together a really well-rounded portfolio of gear and opened their own factory to try and keep up with the demand. Though VIRPIL products are priced at a premium over some of their competitors they also offer a premium experience to match.

How do I adjust the height of the VPC constellation Alpha grip?

Note: The locking screws collars are the latest revision of the VPC Constellation ALPHA Grip and is not present on earlier grips. 1. Loosen the main adjustment dial and unscrew the small nut to the top of the tr 2. Set your desired height using the main adjustment dial. 3.

How do I order from VirPil?

Website: VIRPIL Controls – Home ( – This is the worldwide site to order from. Create account, this allows you to track orders etc., and gets you support quicker. Although, they are 7 hours behind me, so we play time zone tag when trying to resolve issues.

What throttle is attached to a desk mount?

The Virpil Mongoos T-50CM3 throttle attached to a large desk mount and an accessory plate.

How many plates does the Virpil Constellation Alpha have?

Two long plates suspend the Virpil Constellation Alpha from the Desk Mount V3-S. You can swap out one of the two long plates to add a mouse pad.

How much does a Virpil desk mount cost?

While the input devices alone are excellent, Virpil also has a line of surprisingly affordable custom mounting solutions. For around $70 you can get the Virpil Desk Mount V3-S. It features a dead-simple clamp with an adjustable bite, which you can dial in to firmly grasp the edge of your desk surface and hold fast. They release quickly, making storage a breeze. They’re also beautifully powder coated, and come with all the bolts you need to make the attachment to the Constellation. The V3-S also opens the door to additional customization options, including mounts that hang a keyboard, mouse pad, additional button boxes, and more all off of the same clamp.

Where is the analog stick on the Virpil Constellation Alpha?

The left-hand Virpil Constellation Alpha. Note the fully analog stick — same as you would find on a console controller — on the upper right-hand side.

Which constellation is left to right?

Left to right, the Virpil Constellation Alpha right-hand and left-hand configuration.

Can you clamp a Virpil desk?

The clamp on Virpil desk mounts is brutally efficient. Adjust it carefully before fully securing it — especially if you have a hollow desk surface, like those manufactured by Ikea.

Is Virpil on backorder?

And, just like everyone else, Virpil’s stuff is on backorder as well. Nevertheless, late last year Virpil sent along a selection of its most popular flight gear. I’ve been taking it for a test drive on my custom-built flight rig. So far I’m extremely impressed.

Attaching the Grip

Before attaching your grip, ensure that the locking screws are flush with the screw collar.

Wrist Rest Adjustment

1. Loosen the main adjustment dial and unscrew the small nut to the top of the tr


Please visit the VIRPIL Controls support portal for troubleshooting advice. If you are still experiencing issues or unable to find answers to your specific question, please create a ticket on our support portal!

What is the difference between Warbrd and Mongoost 50?

The MongoosT-50 Base is a similar product, however, it is meant almost exclusively for a cockpit setup with or without an extension . By contrast the WarBRD Base is more suited to being used on a desktop or as part of a sidestick arrangement. It’s this desktop arrangement that I personally use and will be commenting on.

How does the WarBRD grip work?

The trigger on the WarBRD Grip features a comfortable two stage trigger. As you press the trigger down there’s an audible click which you can both feel and hear. The second stage of the trigger is activated when you press it all the way in. It’s simple, effective and it works great for the variable fire rate of the A-10C’s cannon or for activating full guns on a WWII aircraft.

How long does the thumb button move?

One of my few complaints about this grip is the travel of the button prior to actuation. It’s just a little too long. The button can move at least a few millimeters (or 1/8th of an inch) before you feel it meet the switch. It’s easily compensated for by half pressing before you need to use it but I would prefer it to actuate more quickly.

What is a WarBRD grip?

WarBRD Grip features. The WarBRD Grip is based closely on several mid-century Western aircraft. The grip closely mimics that found in the F-86 Sabre, F-4 Phantom and F-8 Crusader. There’s an elegant simplicity to the configuration with just the right number of buttons without being overwhelming.

Can you use an Allan key on a Warbrd?

The exposed screws and industrial design of the WarBRD aren’t just for looks. VIRPIL expects that their users may want to use an Allan-key to open the unit up and adjust the springs or change the cams. VIPIRL ships the WarBRD Base with two sets of springs and cams that can be used to alter the feel of the unit.

What to do if playback doesn’t begin?

If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Who is the founder of WarBRD?

The history of WarBRD. VIRPIL is one of the newest flight-sim oriented companies out there. It was started three years ago by flight sim enthusiast Andrei Lukyanov. Since then, VIRPIL has put together a really well-rounded portfolio of gear and opened their own factory to try and keep up with the demand.